The RedState Box Office Report - Not a Super Weekend

Very little is offered up in theaters the weekend of the Super Bo–…

Uh, sorry. I meant to say — the weekend of “The professional American gridiron league national championship competition and ancillary marketing partnerships”. (RedState is not an officially licensed promotional partner of said contest, and thus I’m precluded from employing the name of the athletic meetup that may or may not be taking place early this evening.)


Anyway, as a result of the professional American gridiron league national championship competition and ancillary marketing partnerships this weekend, studios know there will be a depleted audience for films and therefore avoid releasing movies of any significance knowing it is a losing venture. As an indicator, the overall weekend in theaters will be struggling to earn about $70 million, making for the weakest weekend tally seen since 2017.

So here are the weak-tea figures for you, before you dart off to watch the professional American gridiron league national championship competition and ancillary marketing partnerships.

GLASS – $9.5 Million
Spending the third week at the top of the list. What had initially been thought as a foregone conclusion actually became a rather tight race than anticipated. This closing entry in what is dubbed the “Unbreakable” franchise is starting to lag behind the second title “Split”, from 2 years ago. It will reach $100 million easily soon, but looking like a stretch for it to match the $138 million taken in by “Split”.

2. THE UPSIDE – $8.85m
Showing far more strength than any initially predicted, the week-over-week drops have been impressively slim. This return shows a dip of only -29% . This has been a remarkable run for the newer distributor STX Films, and the fact this was a rescue mission of sorts for a title that was caught up in the Weinstein scandal makes it all the more celebratory.


3. MISS BALA – $6.7m
Probably showing why few studios dared to go with a new offering, this action piece is a remake of a successful Mexican film about a female caught up in the border drug wars. It was not helped by getting some critical drubbing, sitting with a weak 28% on Rotten Tomatoes.

4. AQUAMAN – $4.79m
It has now earned over $1.1 billion worldwide. The next milestone is to clear $800 million in foreign box office revenue.

More than a financial success, this title has become considered a critical classic. It may have gotten a boost for the Best Animated Feature trophy at the Academy Awards consideration by Winning the top honors last night at The Annie Awards.

6. GREEN BOOK – $4.31m
Possibly benefitting the most of all the nominated films after last weeks Oscar picks were announced. While given initial high praise, by nabbing more than the expected nominations it has become elevated in the minds of audience members.

Not too bad of a second week hold, dropping -41%, but that is off of a very weak opener, so 21st Century Fox is not crowing about this result.

8. A DOG’S WAY HOME – $3.51m
Sony has managed to get a small success out of this small pic, as it has lingered and keeps retrieving small rewards over the past month.


9. ESCAPE ROOM – $2.9m
Hey look, I admit – I don’t get it. Probably due to being the only thing approaching horror out there right now, but somehow this unregarded offering has made over $50 million, off of a $9 million budget.

Famed director Peter Jackson worked on this World War 1 documentary and delivers a stunning achievement. He took archival film footage from the British Imperial War Museum and transformed it into a new kind of intimacy. He colorized and cleaned up the scratches and flares, and adjusted the frame rates so the footage takes on a just-filmed quality.


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