Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 53 -- The Chicks Dig Oscars Edition

Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

A slight break from format this week as we have on friend of the Show celebrated film critic Christian Toto, who joins us for our first annual Academy Awards Fantasy Draft Extravaganza. (Credit, please, for not saying “ex-draft-aganza”)


Details on that draft contest are below. Also we covered other gripping subjects this week. The fiasco about the Covington High School dust-up in Washington was a complete bungled example of media malpractice. Speaking of media screw-ups, BuzzFeed completely impregnated the canine with a story on Robert Mueller that so bad their own source came out and condemned it.
And then, in the wake of the Gillette mansplaining toxicity fiasco, Brad detailed how Johnnie Walker scotch has gotten itself into a sidecar of trouble by backing the anti-semitic Women’s March.

There are TWO documentaries out about the doomed Fyre Festival fiasco  and we detailed the differences between them. (Both are worth the watch.)

And there is a new Ghostbusters announced.

THIS WEEK’S THEME: “Paparazzi” –Lady Gaga

The Oscar Draft
The Rules:
Each person would select a film, one at a time, based on which movies they felt would do the best ot the awards We began with a random drawing. Three bottle caps were used, representing beers from the hometowns of our players. Christian Toto – Breckenridge. Sarah – Sweetwater. Brad – Florida Beer Company. We then drafted in order rotation, flipping the order in each round.

The Scoring:
Points are awarded on 19 categories, separated by MAJOR, and MINOR category designation. 2 points are awarded for each nomination in a Major category, and one point for each in a Minor category. Then winners will double additional points. So Major category wins earn 4 points, and a win in a Minor category is 2 points.


The points breakdown to this point are as follows, based on Tuesday’s Nominations. (The complete list of Oscar nominations is here.

SARAH – A Star Is Born (14), Green Book (9), The Wife (2), Mary Poppins (3), Crazy Rich Asians (0), The Old Man And The Gunn (0)

Total – 28 pts

CHRISTIAN – Roma (15), BlacKkKlandman (10), Bohemian Rhapsody (6), Can You Ever Forgive Me?(4), The Quiet Plaace (1), First Reformed (2)

Total – 38 Points

BRAD – Vice (14), The Favourite (17), If Beale Street Could Talk (5), Black Panther (9), First Man (4), Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (1)

Total – 50 Points


We will next retabulate after the Academy Awards on February 24.
And, as always — govern yourselves accordingly.

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