Toure’ the Sexual Harassment Warrior Becomes Toure’ the Sexual Predator

By all appearances his bold stance was a shield against his own actions.

Former MSNBC pundit and general liberal scold Toure’ finds himself enmeshed in a controversy, and in rather hypocritical fashion. While he is promoting his involvement in a documentary covering the problematic sexual predations of a rap star it has been revealed that the journalist himself may have his own issues with harassment.


Essence Magazine lays out the case being made by a former makeup artist who used to work directly with Toure’. Rather than simple allegations the woman, going by the name Dani, provided evidence of her confronting Toure’ directly over his actions, and it does not look good.

The flare up was kicked off by the premier of a new documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly”, which details the issue of the musician’s long history of problematic sexual behavior, including his involvement with underage teens. Toure’ is featured extensively in the doc, as he conducted an interview with Kelly years ago and attempted to get some answers regarding the accusations.

Toure’ recently sat in on the podcast The Clubhouse With Mouse Jones to discuss R. Kelly. It was on the Instagram account for the show that Dani appeared in the comment section for the post on the episode and made a remark directed at the journalist.

But (Toure’) used to sexually harass me? How that work?”

Once prodded she offered up details of her charge. Essence reached out to Dani and she not only spoke at length about the behavior she endured but provided images of private messages she shared with Toure’. She announced they worked together until the fall of 2017, and following her departure she went to the Human Resources office and lodged a complaint.

Dani stated she had to absorb regular sexual comments from the journalist, often graphic in nature. In what appears to be something of a pattern, when asked why she elected to go forward to corporate officials at that time she stated that it was in response to Toure’ making regular media appearances to speak out against the then emerging Harvey Weinstein scandal.


Dani provided Essence with her captured direct messages, where she speaks frankly to him about his words and actions, even alluding to others that Toure’ had spoken to in a similar fashion. In one response Toure’ acknowledges his behavior: “Look I learned a lot watching this happen. The way I teased you is no longer funny to me. I had no idea how rampant it is and how much it got in a working woman’s way and how I was contributing to a whole environment of bs.”

Understand that he tries to hide behind a layer of naivete’ regarding the toxic nature of workplace harassment, while he was out lecturing against the very same behavior by others. How could he actually try to claim it is dismissed as a workplace “environment” issue when he would not accept that explanation during his punditry. He makes no better case for himself in the official statement he released, in response to Dani’s recent allegations:

On the show, our team, including myself, engaged in edgy, crass banter, that at the time I did not think was offensive for our tight-knit group. I am sorry for my language and for making her feel uncomfortable in any way. As a lead on the show, I should have refrained from this behavior. I have learned and grown from this experience.”

So many hallmarks of a leftist apology are in play here: Involve a wider group, in order to dilute your own culpability; Reposition the accusation with softer language, to make the charge less intense (“edgy, crass banter” to describe his graphic talk of anal sex and ejaculating on his target); Close out by saying that you have learned, and are now a different person, in the expectation that a form of accountability is no longer required.


The projected hypocrisy here is a very familiar reality with leftist experts caught guilty of their own hectoring. We now will wait to see if another leftist practice will come into play — the lack of retribution for the offense.


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