The RedState Box Office Report - Reheated Servings With Smaller Portions


The Thanksgiving leftovers were still the popular choices, with holiday animated fare rising to the top. Only one real new release was making an impact on the list, and it was not a significant one. Following weeks of massive openings things cooled with no massive event titles getting released.


The theater averages were down due to a lack of exciting openings. That said, people were content to go with the winners from the past few weeks. Consider this weekend and next week a breather before more blockbusters and awards contenders begin arriving in this new month.



Last week’s smash hit remained at the top for Disney. Critics have been supporting this sequel with 88% on Rotten Tomatoes and audiences have also been happy, grading it out with an “A-” CinemaScore. The past couple of years Disney has played the Thanksgiving frame with “Moana” (2016) and “Coco” (2017). Those films had better second week holds, around -28%, while “Ralph” dropped a bigger -54%. This may be due to audience metrics showing a larger portion of ticket buyers are non-family. Probably due to a wide selection of family fare in the market right now.


2. DR. SEUSS’ THE GRINCH – $17.73m

Showing real heft in theaters this retelling of the classic has risen back up to the second slot. It has shown real strength over its month, earning now over $200 million and possible to achieve a 4X multiple.


3. CREED – $16.83m

A slight surprise it dropped to third, but that is not necessarily a sign of weakness. This drop is -52% so not a collapse by any stretch. It is serving as an adult option in a childrens-heavy lineup and doing well for itself.




Starting to collapse a bit as it takes a hefty third week drop of -62%. It has taken in $135 million by now, but it is not the smash that Warners had in mind for this expanded Harry Potter universe. Globally though they are in decent shape. It earned $385 million in foreign markets, taking it over $500 million worldwide.



Just keeps on keeping on, after five weeks. Audiences keep talking about this one and talk of awards seems warranted.


6. INSTANT FAMILY – $7.1m  

This was a title that would need some good word on the street to keep up a lingering interest, and that seems to be happening. While no lighting up the box office it is drawing its share of interest. It has been holding strong (-42% this week) and even added a few screens this weekend, a sign the exhibitors are seeing it as a dependable replacement for underperforming titles.



It may seem an odd inclusion in the holiday season to go with a pure horror release like this, but occasionally this type can fill out a counter-programming need. Sony hoped for a quick buck on this cheaply made made frightener – the budget was under $10 million. It sports the usual earmarks of a disposable horror title; bad reviews and poor audience reaction (it was graded out as a “C-” on CinemaScore.) The studio was hoping to maybe reach $5 million, so it is considering this a win already.



8. ROBIN HOOD – $4.7m

Not as glaring a drop in week two as some may have expected, but that -49% dip is about the ONLY good news surrounding this release. This modernization of the classic tale is being completely waived off by audiences. A massive holiday action release, it has yet to even reach $25 million. Warners has a lump of coal on its hands.


9. WIDOWS – $4.4m

The serious female action drama has been hailed by many and there are whispers to have nominations being handed over for select categories. It has made decent, if not serious money so far.


10. GREEN BOOK – 3.9m

Another awards season hopeful it is drawing some attention, if not lighting up theaters just yet. If the film and actors begin receiving some recognition from the trophy groups there may be some longer interest from audiences coming up.



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