Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep.43 -- The Contentious Election Selections Edition

Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

In preparation for the deeply highly super extra important midterm elections we hacked over some of the issues that are being focused upon. There were a number hot news items as well and Sarah & Brad did their usual task of unravelling narratives by injecting facts.


The celebrities were their usual  bothersome selves as they campaigned in ignorant fashion, telling us forcibly to vote according to what they do not know. And a number of other stories propped up essentially proving they don’t know what is up.


Alyssa Milano butchered Capt. America for her Halloween trick-or-vote party.


THIS WEEK’S THEME:  “Electioneering” – Radiohead

  • Sarah delved into the thorny electioneering taking place with the Georgia governor’s race.
  • The President is sending troops to the border, and your hosts send up questions about what is happening with the caravan that we are not supposed to be discussing.
  • With many suddenly joining the chorus of anti-Semitic accusations Brad detailed how hate crimes in New York are mostly against Jews, and mostly not from the right.
  • Alec Baldwin has legal issues (yes, again) but the interesting thing is how it generated reports from female media figures of his misogyny. America was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!
  • Reports from the Senate Judiciary Committee say they are investigating witness fabrications regarding Brett Kavanaugh. America is not shocked, in the least.
  • Max Boot is revisited, because he keeps outdoing his own ridiculousness.
  • Brad found the latest leftist complaint – Trump is to blame for making them fatter!
  • Sarah reviews the documentary “The Creepy Line”. The facts lived up to the title.



Alec Baldwin makes a curious acting performance choice — for his role of released prisoner.


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