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Despite its non-Pleasance it was a very pleasing record result.

This October continues to be a stunner in regards to performances, as for the second time in weeks a staggering opening lands for the month. Despite there being a crowded field of scare-based titles it all was really leading up to this weekend’s debut.


All indications are this will be the best October on record. Three titles in theaters at the moment are in the ten best ever opening for the month, and the total box office return so far is pacing better than 2014’s record amount, and that was before this weekend’s figures.

HALLOWEEN – 77.51 Million
At first it was believed this could displace the record set by “Venom” a few weeks ago but the Saturday box office dipped a steeper than expected -17%. That is not actually bad news, as it indicates how much advance hype business was built in. The popularity of this was assured, as the latest remake of the John Carpenter classic had many excited. Bypassing many of the sequels and remakes this revisits the original film’s storyline. Fans have been anticipating this and the buildup continued to grow. Initially estimated to draw near $50 million the tracking indicated there was increased interest in the past weeks. This is the best debut in the entire franchise, and becomes the second best horror opening weekend, after last year’s “It”. The return of Jamie Lee Curtis as a gun-toting Laurie Strode – in opposition to the actress calling for gun control – was a boost, as was Carpenter getting an Executive Producer credit, as they placed Michael Myers as the original character, not a new menace. It all lent a serious and professional approach to the property, and fans ate it up.


2. A STAR IS BORN – $19.3m
The Bradley Cooper vehicle (he literally did most of the work here) is positioned as the film to beat for Oscar. Dropping only -33% in its third week this one has strength, and the popularity will only be fueled as awards talk increases. This duo will be sure to have an encore in March.

3. VENOM – $18.1m
Defying critics, and some bad advance word, Sony has developed a hit with their entry into an expanded Marvel character universe. It has nearly nabbed $180 million to date and is a legitimate hit overseas as well, pulling in an additional $235 million.

4. GOOSEBUMPS 2 – $9.7m
Only doing moderately well, there is a crowded field for Halloween holiday fare, even for kids.

5. FIRST MAN – $8.56m
Not exactly launching into the stratosphere, the hoped-for Oscar contender is struggling. The -46% drop is not alarming, but after a disappointing debut there is a sign of little traction. Dropping below the kids film here is a sign of weakened audience interest. Not helping things out is actress Claire Foy making disparaging remarks in Washington D.C. about the town, and President Trump. Stars cannot seem to learn that insulting the fanbase you expect to come see your product is just bad business.

6. THE HATE U GIVE – $7.5m
Fox expanded the urban drama, with hopes of drawing interest in some acting nominations. The critics have hailed this release and the hope for the studio is some long-term interest develops.


7. SMALLFOOT – $6.61m
It has been a surprisingly healthy run for this smaller animated yeti yarn from Warner Brothers. To date it has drawn $66 million, which is better than most had expected.

8. NIGHT SCHOOL – $5.0m
Still kind of lingering after a month, and still on over 2,200 screens. Being the lone comedy in field is helping with the staying power.

A moderate drop of -53% but the opening was poor, and this is being disregarded with so much else going on.

10. THE OLD MAN & THE GUN – $2.05m
A boutique drama with hopes of getting notice for Robert Redford. Playing on only 800 screens Fox Searchlight has the plan to slowly expand into awards consideration season. The per-screen average is a modest $2,500 so interest will really need to spike.


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