Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep.40 -- The What’s Best For You Edition


Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

Real pleasure this week having as our guest RedState’s own star figure, Kira Davis. She took time out of her agenda as a Mom, writer, filmmaker, web site operator, multiple-podcast presenter, news network guest, stand up comic, and numerous other endeavors to shame the rest of our sloth-filled selves. Kira hipped us to her new movie project, a short film making the film festival circuit called “Minty”. The film is a re-imagining of American hero, Harriet Tubman. (You can help her cause by visiting and liking the film on their FaceBook page.)


Kira spent a lengthy stretch with us as we also covered the many ways we had been lectured on proper social comportment this week. There were banned words, gun-control lessons, Presidential candidates becoming declassified, and lectures on how rappers need to behave. We were dealing with a lot of crap here, man!





THIS WEEK’S THEME: “Theme from Halloween”” — John Carpenter

  • Sarah wrote about how Democrats cannot let go of election results, and that anytime they lose they now suggest eradicating our foundational ethics.
  • Kanye West met with Donald Trump in the Oval Office, and the press lost their collective minds, because this is deeply important.
  • Jane Mayer, the writing partner with Ronan Farrow, unintentionally exposed that they were acting in an activist fashion in order to help bring down Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis is in the new Halloween, and she uses a gun. She has come out against guns in the past. But, as Brad pointed out this hypocrisy, he became the target of a Twitter mob because this stuff is super-ultra-really important.
  • Speaking of mobs, Brooke Baldwin, and numerous others have come up with a new banned word, because it makes opposition to Trump look bad.
  • Hillary lost her security clearances…or she surrendered them, or they simply expired, or something else may have been behind it. Whichever, it was super-ultra-really important!



COS John Kelly lends his professional assessment of a onetime Presidential hopeful.


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