Yale Law School Protests Against Kavanaugh Prove They Need to Stay in Class


Classes are cancelled as hundreds oppose the alum not convicted of a crime.


As we have come to realize these days when it comes to matters of analyzing facts and determining the truth none of that matters as much as emotional appeasement. Outrage and wailing in public are far more influential. Look at the fact that the press eagerly reports on all manner of protest and opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, as the man has not been proven to have done anything objectionable.


Reports have been excitable when it became known that Yale Law School — Kavanaugh’s alma mater — had cancelled classes as a result of students desiring to protest the hearings. This is supposedly an influential development. One thing it does prove: there is a big difference between an experienced litigator with decades of empirical wisdom, and a law student.

The basis of the protests ostensibly is a call for looking into the allegations of an attempted sexual assault that involved Kavanaugh in high school. In a show of support for Christine Blasey Ford students both on campus, and in the Senate chambers, have voiced their concern over Kavanaugh.

On campus many students wore black and squatted in the hallways in silence, as a show of support for the accuser. Local NBC anchor Shannon Miller provided us with the gripping footage, of people sitting in silence…doing nothing. (WATCH!)


These dual protests were organized by a group called Yale Law Students Demanding Better.The leader of the group is student Veronica Guerrero. She put voice to what is behind the students and their problem with Brett Kavanaugh’s ascendency.

It’s not lost on us that our law school is a part of a broader power structure where a small group of wealthy and well-connected have the power to shape the law, the legal community, and its culture.


This — is perplexing. They are opposing the cloistered and privileged system that is in place making Yale Law the power base for people like Kavanaugh to rise to his position…according to this Yale Law student. Does she not realize that by impugning her institution as part of a nefarious power structure that cannot have influence then it means she is invalidated as a source, since she derives from therein?

The Yale faculty sent out a letter of support. “We are concerned about a rush to judgment that threatens both the integrity of the process and the public’s confidence in the Court”, reads part of the missive. “Some questions are so fundamental to judicial integrity that the Senate cannot rush past them without undermining the public’s confidence in the Court.” So the accusation of a drunken high school episode, absent any solid evidence, from 35 years ago is fundamental to judicial integrity. This matches the words of many of the students calling for an investigation of the charge.


These protests are prior to Dr. Ford testifying before the Senate hearing. They are calling for the Judiciary Committee to not rush to a vote. This means they are essentially protesting for something to take place, that is scheduled to take place.

One professor, Akhil Amar, stated These accusations deserve the best and most professional investigation possible.” This, despite the Senate Democrats not acting in a manner that even approached professionalism. This accusation was never brought up to the hearing nor the committee in July, when it surfaced. A number of Senators have been on the news nets talking of Kavanaugh’s assumed guilt, in the face of claims being made that are far from worthy of an investigation. Plus, Dr. Ford has issued a number of excuses and delays when granted opportunity to sit and give her testimony.



Dr. Ford has wide gaps in her story of what happened, including being unsure what year this supposedly transpired. And all the calls for a thorough investigation are thwarted by the fact that no crime was ever reported. The FBI cannot handle the case, and Maryland county authorities have said they need a crime to be reported in order to investigate, which Dr. Ford has not filed.


And as Yale Law students carry banners protesting Kavanaugh it is telling how they have already convicted the nominee. Legal standards such as presumption of innocence, burden of proof, and facing your accuser seem to be items foreign to these legal minds.

I do not think it is dismissive of me to tell these attorneys-in-the-making a piece of advice: “Stay in school”.


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