Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep.33 -- The One Day It Will Happen Edition



Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

Major litigation news rocked the news cycles, and the press was just beside themselves with giddiness! (They just were not sitting beside the facts.) Mueller had a busy week of tossing chew toys at the media and all it did was lead to more barking. The news complex became particularly obsessed with one word, in one cycle, hoping one day to fell Trump.


Additionally we had one word spoken 4 decades ago becoming exposed and affecting numerous careers, Ocasio-Cortez exposed her economic ignorance (again), and Kathy Griffin exposed herself and affected the digestive system of millions. And, possibly most exciting, Sarah brought a blind item about a political hatchet job.




  • The Manafort convictions were huge news! (And the press dropped the story overnight.)
  • Michael Cohen has pled guilty numerous times – and we look to see if what he actually confessed to were crimes.
  • The press cobbles impeachment stories by the truckload.
  • A comment made 35 years ago cost numerous careers today, and a NASCAR sponsorship.
  • Sarah has an inside email document from Sacha Baron Cohen’s new program.
  • Elizabeth Warren has an ambitious socialist econ program, all to “fix” our booming economy.
  • Everyone’s favorite socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was getting weepy over her former employer going out of business. She was oblivious it was due to a policy she is promoting on her campaign.
  • There is a Female Fight Club, and they break the first two rules right out of the gate.



Following the announcement that the publisher of the National Enquirer was granted immunity in the hopes he may spill some illegalities about Trump, JeetHeer made this announcement. The responses to him in the comments are a joy.

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