Marble Halls & Silver Screens ep.18 - The Bathe In The Swamp Edition


Covering the convergence of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment where they contribute to our culture.

Our guest this week is D.C. operative Julie Germany, creator and host of The Swampy Awards. Julie detailed the deprecations behind the nominations and explained the ceremony taking place May 9th in the Nation’s Capital.

Additionally, we had the usual celebrity ignorance of the constitution, ignorance of laws, and acting ignorant of campaign finance restrictions. Meanwhile, the press remained ignorant of basic journalistic ethics — so in effect, everything was status quo with the world.


OPENING THEME: “The Dope Show” – Marilyn Manson



— Alyssa Milano fixes the Bill of Rights, by drafting her own
— Marvel’s “Infinity War” was scaldingly sexist in its triggering tonsorial travesty.
— Hollywood hates Trump so much they will not give back the money it made on his disastrous tax cuts
— Thanks to a director interview Ashley Judd sues Harvey Weinstein, and it makes perfect sense
— Brad classes up his cinematic resume by watching a documentary. (Sarah explained to him what that term means…)



Yes, Michael Gross is back — he can’t leave the worms! This time he is joined by Jaime Kennedy and they take to the Arctic to battle the subterranean beasts…though now they are sub-glacial?

If you love the series, of course you have to see it. If you haven’t seen any “Tremors” before — well, you won’t be too lost, you just may miss some inside humor.



Sarah found another instance of cultural appropriation: when a Mexican restaurant took over a Chinese restaurant it delivered artistic results.

Brad found this clip of what may have happened in “Infinity War” if AntMan had appeared. Scroll down for the deep analysis by fanboys of the flaws in this clip — that lasts but 3 seconds.


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