The RedState Box Office Report


There was not going to be anything in the way of mystery this weekend, given the top grossing film earned over $100 million more than the second place title. There was a collection of new titles released, but they were trampled underfoot of the the stampeding epic.


May is starting to resemble mid summer, with a raft of massive titles coming out. In 2 weeks is the Deadpool sequel, followed immediately by the Han Solo prequel. It is resembling a choked field where there is little room for everyone to maximize their returns. It will be a busy month for fans.



1. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR – $112.47 Million

After the historic debut ($640 million global) the Marvel monolithic movie continues to break records. It became the fastest film to hit the $1billion level globally, doing so in just 8 days. Meanwhile Disney set a new record, crossing $3 billion worldwide for 2018 on Friday, the fastest to hit that mark in a calendar year. All those numbers were achieved without the Chinese market being a factor. The movie will be expected to do huge numbers there as well when it debuts next weekend.


  1.  OVERBOARD – $14.75m

The reboot of the Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell comedy stars Anna Faris and Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez as they switch roles, with him taking the role of the amnesiac millionaire. It was lightly promoted and given a modest rollout on 1,623 screens.


  1.  A QUIET PLACE – $7.6m

Still churning away peacefully the adult horror hit remains on 3,400 screens. Crossing the $150 million total it has bested the totals of last year’s “Get Out”.


  1.  I FEEL PRETTY – $4.9m

The Amy Schumer comedy, for which she has been getting scorched by activists, has not been as successful as her breakout “Trainwreck”. Her embracing of leftist wokeness is not paying her dividends.


  1.  RAMPAGE – $4.62m

It is managing to edge closer to the $100 million level ($85m to date), with roughly 2 weeks remaining before it is fully passed over. Globally it has been a hit, with an additional $300 million for the monster monkey smash.


  1.  TULLY – $3.18m

Charlize Theron stars in a dark comedy that had a far less impressive debut than “Overboard”, averaging only $2,300 per screen, versus $$9,000.


  1.  BLACK PANTHER – $3.14m

Still drawing after 12 weeks out, it has seen a push following the “Infinity War” release.


  1.  TRUTH OR DARE – $1.88m

The discount horror has managed to linger to make close to $40 million.


  1.  SUPER TROOPERS – $1.81m

The surprise hit has about run its course already, but Broken Lizard should be happy.


  1.  BAD SAMARITAN – $1.75m

Former Dr. Who David Tennant appears in a mild thriller for micro-distributor Electric Entertainment.