Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast e.17 -- Evidence-free edition

Covering the areas where Washington politics and Hollywood entertainment converge in our culture.

Front page writers Sarah Lee and Brad Slager tackle some serious issues while trying to have fun anyway.

Upheaval was the rule this week! It was a time of unsupported accusations, and contradictions ran amok! (As opposed to running in a neat and orderly fashion.) The press ran off a Presidential appointment without proof, while others ran their mouths as journalists were proven of wrongdoing and their jobs were protected.

Opening Music: “Drowning In The Deep Blue Sea


Sarah’s proximity to international greatness on Friday



– Sarah visits the White House, while Brad has a less than illustrious visit.
– Brad visits the “Orange House” to explore some movie marketing
– The Nerd Prom turns into a wake
– Alfie Evans has the British government wrapped up in knots
– The press feels fine trashing the reputation of Ronny Jackson, evidence be damned (or, non-existent)
– BuzzFeed is jealous of TMZ, and wants its own TV show


Brad’s Marketing scouting report from Hooters


A sequel to a classic shark thriller comes in 19 years later, and with approximately 19% of its budget. Plenty of ridiculousness to have with with, as a new billionaire experiments on shark brains not to cure Alzheimers, but to prepare for the coming of SkyNet??

Soon the sharks rebel against their planned termination (one was eavesdropping outside of a porthole; yes, really) and a school of growling baby sharks begin to act like a pre-school hopped up on spiked formula. Sure the budget and effects were poor, but the research-scientist with the cleavage-baring crisis wetsuit helps deal with the problems!



The James Comey book tour churns on, and in keeping with the author’s creative telling of history they had some creative cocktails at some of the book press events.

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