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Given this weekend was a foregone conclusion the only mystery was going to be “how big”? The culmination of this chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (a loose term, given “Ant Man” arrives this summer, and a new Avengers is set for next year.)


So with that reality cemented I will act like Marvel here, and assume that you know what I am talking about, and just plunge into this week’s epic list.

1.  AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR – $250.0 Million
Even with all the hype, and all of the expectations, everyone wondered just where this would end up historically? Well, setting some records, including the weekend debut of all time, is a pretty decent weekend. Already setting the mark for the biggest April debut its $39 million on Thursday previews was the fourth highest ever, and the $105 million on Friday is the second highest single-day total of all time.
And this just kept building. Throughout the weekend expectations were continually raised, mostly because the growth in Saturday-Sunday numbers becoming the telling detail. Enough fans were going back for repeat viewings which ended up nudging the total to the all-time weekend mark, beating “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

2. A QUIET PLACE – $10.65m
As for the rest of the field, there are still some signs of strength. This total for the surprise hit horror-thriller is close to what may have been expected on its fourth weekend without strong competition. This could be a case of parents sending their kids in to see the Marvel epic and sitting in to see this one for themselves.


3. I FEEL PRETTY – $8.13m
Though struggling out of the gate it has a respectable enough hold in week #2, possibly showing some counter-programming business, with little else in theaters serving as a pure appeal to women.

4.  RAMPAGE – $7.1M
Certain to feel a hit due to sharing a target audience with “Infinity”, the -65% drop here in week #3 makes sense. True to his international draw, The Rock has propelled this pure action romp to over $200 million in foreign markets.

5. BLACK PANTHER – $4.14m
As I suspected, there was some extended attention to the companion title. The unforeseen success of this hero epic means Marvel has 2 comic book films in the top-5 at the same time.

6.  SUPER TROOPERS 2 – $3.6m
A steep -66% drop is not surprising, as it had greatly overperformed in its debut. This was a cult-hit turnout last weekend (helped too by the stoner 4/20 date landing on Friday) so a front-loaded debut makes sense.

7. TRUTH OR DARE – $3.21m
The horror title is fading and on its way out, but a $35 million total on a meager $3.5 million budget means this has already been profitable for those involved.


8.  BLOCKERS – $2.94m
Lingering as the only comedy it now has climbed over the $50 million mark.

With a modest success stateside the foreign box office has been the saving grace for this Spielberg release. Earning $400 million overseas means this is likely close to turning a profit by now.


10. TRAFFIK – $1.62m
The genre release is intended mostly to benefit in secondary markets, so this dropping almost -60% is expected


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