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Hollywood puts its eggs in another basket for a refreshing change.

March has been a down time for the studios. A number of misfires meant audiences did not go hunting for hidden treasure as one historic blockbuster remained the golden egg. It has taken Steven Spielberg to bail out the month and keep studios from counting up plastic grass instead of dollars.


Let’s take a look at the numbers to see how many hopped into theaters and what studios may have found green colored prizes this weekend.


1. READY PLAYER ONE – $52.3 Million
Warner Brothers wisely snuck this in theaters Wednesday to take advantage of students out of school. Steven Spielberg was in charge of this adaptation of the Ernest Cline novel and the return is actually ahead of projections, but not by a long number. There will need to be some long-term interest, and help from the overseas theaters for this to be successful. With a budget near $175 million, and at least another $100m behind the marketing that means overall the gross has been near $600 million for the studio to see profits.

The writer/director/actor/gaffer has developed for himself a built-in audience. That is proven by a decent open for a non-Madea title against a blockbuster release. Lionsgate made a serious marketing push across African American entertainment, and it seems to have paid off.

3. BLACK PANTHER – $11.5m
Still printing money for Marvel/Disney. It has been in theaters for seven weeks and is still showing on 3,000 screens. This brings it over $650m domestically, and climbing over $1.25 billion means it moves past “Frozen” into the top-10 all-time in the global box office.


4. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE – $10.75m
The faith-based hit had another strong performance, dipping only -21%. This makes for the third week it earned a double-digit return, when it was originally projected to maybe earn $6 million its opening weekend.

5. PACIFIC RIM 2 – $9.2m
While expected to be impacted by “Ready Player One” last week’s top film was rocked hard by that competition. Dropping a massive -67% off of a soft opening number means audiences are abandoning this city-destroying monster special effects epic.

A nice percentage hold of just -34% is largely due to the kids on Spring Break. It had a dismal debut last week so this makes for a small victory, as it has barely earned ⅓ of its budget so far.

7. LOVE, SIMON – $4.8m
The gay teen romance comedy is just starting to shed screens, but it has been a small hit for Fox. It should begin earning a profit for the studio.

8. TOMB RAIDER – $4.7m
A sign of how bad it has done here is dropping over 1,000 screens in just its third week of release. However this one has been a hit in the foreign markets and this apparent bomb may actually become a money-maker for Warners.


9. A WRINKLE IN TIME – $4.69m
A rousing disappointment for Disney. It will not reach $100 million, and foreign sales are not a factor. It has earned about half of what is needed to show a profit for the studio.

After an unremarkable debut this gospel film has managed to hold well enough on Easter week. Not a hit but at least a decent return for a small film.


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