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Oprah Winfrey is Mrs. Which in Disney’s A WRINKLE IN TIME.

A crease in profits.

Disney had a sprawling epic with a diverse cast and crew going up against a sprawling epic from Disney with a diverse cast and crew. The idea was to have a new family release positioned for the upcoming spring break, but the studio was in possession of a monstrously huge global hit that got in the way.


Outside the top films, “The Shape Of Water” added over 700 screens to capitalize on its winner as Best Picture at the Oscars last week, enjoying a 60% bump in business, taking it close to $150 million in total receipts globally. Here are the top films for the post-Academy Awards weekend.

1.  BLACK PANTHER – $41.13Million
Continuing to dominate the planet this blockbuster has just crossed the $550 million level domestically, and over $1 billion worldwide. These are top-5 finishes all time at these levels.


2. A WRINKLE IN TIME – $33.31m
This has been a long in the works project, looked at by many as an adaptive possibility. After the former Weinstein company obtained the rights those fell to Disney after buying out that company, and the studio spent years on script revisions and crew changes. Eventually it settled on its director, Ava DuVernay. She becomes the first woman of color to helm a movie with a budget over $100 million. The result is a disappointing return for the studio, which expected a bigger return, and this falls below the scaled-back projections of $40million. It seems the effort to expunge the faith-based themes of the original book has backfired somewhat.



A rather strange path for this sequel, ten years out from the original, which had been a minor hit at best, against a micro-budget cost. “The Strangers” was distributed by Rogue Pictures, but after studio buyouts this script took a long time to see its way into production. At a meager budget of $5 million there is little risk here for new owner Aviron Pictures.


4. RED SPARROW – $8.15m
The Jennifer Lawrence adult thriller debuted soft last week, and a steep drop of -51% means few are getting motivated to come try out the sexy action piece. 21st Century Fox would need to have this end up well over $100 million in order to see a profit. That seems a longshot at this stage.


5. GAME NIGHT – $7.9m
The adult comedy has performed well enough in a steeply competitive field. Here it dropped less than -25% in week #3, which is decent enough news for Warner Brothers as the only title they have in release at the moment.


6. PETER RABBIT – $6.8m
The only true family title in the mix it is maintaining a position as the Easter holiday is approaching. It will need all the legs it can muster as the international box office is not a factor for this title.



7. DEATH WISH – $6.6m
A moderate play last week it has an expected -50% drop. The remake found a difficult time in an anti-gun climate.


A ridiculous premise of a high-concept action film involving a robbery taking place during a hurricane. The tagline of “$600 Million Stolen At 600 Miles Per Hour” defies logic, and physics.


This easily-forgotten sci-fi thriller with Natalie Portman will end up in the space-dust bin of history.


Released before Christmas this hit for Sony is still showing on over 2,000 screens.


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