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Day of The Dead had Life in Theaters


The Turkey Day marathon is traditionally a time for big debuts and extending success stories. With all the news focused on people losing their minds in malls and attacking each other over smart toasters, theaters always enjoy a bountiful weekend of business.

One major family release squared off against last week’s muted superhero epic and a surprising indie hit, while the rest of the field tussled over the remaining table scraps. This week’s numbers will be a 5-day total to include holiday debuts on Wednesday. So let’s see which went back for multiple servings, and which were left licking gravy off of the plates.


COCO – $71.2Million
Pixar seems to have returned to form, after an uneven track record of late. In a complete departure they feature this family tale around Mexico’s Day Of The Dead, and it was a critical darling as well as a hit with audiences. This is the traditional slot to unfurl a family animated romp. Last year “Moana” opened to just over $82million on a 5-day run, on the way to a robust $250million domestic run. What will be worth studying is how the Latin demographic works longterm for this title.


2.  JUSTICE LEAGUE – $60.1m
That this one has come in at projections is a mixed result. Warners was needing a more robust frame here to show extended success, but it also did not show the markings of audience flight after such a poor showing its opening weekend. Overall it is still lagging in the global take, sitting around $340million, which is less than half of what is needed to start looking at a break-even number.


3.  WONDER – $30.4m
This overperforming indie continues to impress. The $20million film has already pocketed $70million, and is not showing signs of weakness.


4.  THOR: RAGNAROK – $24.4m
Vastly considered the better picture over “JL” this is a tidy sum to have drawn away from that DC Comics property. Still sporting a strong theater average over $7million this is the exact kind of legs that Marvel hoped for, especially when going against a massive rival property.


5.  DADDY’S HOME 2 – $18.8m
The holiday-themed title has been pacing step-for-step with “Express” from the time they both opened. Since it cost about 35% more though it will take a while longer before seeing profits.


Still moving along at a brisk profitable pace, 20th Century Fox has announced that based on this success they will produce a sequel, based on Agatha Christie’s “Death On The Nile”.


7.  THE STAR – $9.65m
The faith-based holiday family film from Sony is managing to find its audience in a crowded marketplace. Everything around it is considered modest, so anything positive here is considered a win.


It is only shedding theaters at a slow rate after a month, so there is a desire to give this every chance to draw dollars. It is out longer than “Daddy’s Home” but lagging that total, but might be making a profit at this stage.


9.  ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ. – $6.14m
Sony has been lobbying hard for Denzel Washington to be an awards consideration for this role, hoping to draw a longterm interest once nominations come in. However, there are signs of trouble. Critics are largely mixed on the film, and the studio reworked it after showings at the Toronto Film Fest. This result after widening its release is tepid and not likely to generate good word on the street.


This awards hopeful expanded into 1,650 theaters and has a strong screen average over $7,000. A sure to be nominated title should see lengthy time in release.

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