A Movie Tie-In Promotion for Adults: “Kingsmen” Whiskeys

Snifter bely buckle as featured in "Kingsmen: The Golden Circle"
Snifter bely buckle as featured in "Kingsmen: The Golden Circle"
Snifter belt buckle as featured in “Kingsmen: The Golden Circle”


With the release of the “Kingsmen” sequel the grown ups can enjoy some savory branded products.


With many major Hollywood productions there is an ancillary economy that operates apart yet connected to the main title. Companies frequently attach to a title with an intent to benefit from having its product earning attention. This symbiotic marketing may involve its brand being featured on screen, aiding in the advertising, and/or having the film’s graphics on its packaging.

Next month though sees a cross-promotion apart from the common animated creatures or super heroes. The sequel to the surprise British spy action-comedy “Kingsmen: The Golden Circle” debuts on September 22, and with it a spirited campaign arrives. Director Michael Vaughn has taken a vested interest in seeing that adult beverages factor in the marketing.




Vaughn has teamed directly with Glendronach distillery to have a special edition bottling of a whiskey to be released for the movie. The GlenDronach Kingsman Edition 1991 is a single malt aged 25 years, and matured in sherry oak casks. The age, and the casking means this label weighs in at $900 per bottle (it will be featured in the movie as well.) It is a limited run of 2,000 bottles, in a collector’s box each autographed by Vaughn, and the distillery’s blender.




For more of an affordable potable there is also a branded American bourbon. In the film the British characters will be teaming with American agents called The Statesmen, who use a cover identity as distillers in Louisville,Kentucky. This has led to the creation of Old Forester Statesmen, a 95 proof bourbon. This edition is reported to be created by a specific warehousing, where the barrels were rotated to only the warmest areas in the aging barns.

This overproof bourbon is now available at retailers. Bottle pricing ranges from $50-60.


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