A Ha’awina in Humility: Did a Hawaiian Politician Receive Hate Mail or Execute a Hoax?

Hawaii Rep. Beth Fukumoto
Hawaii Rep. Beth Fukumoto

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The racial discord in this country is both palpable and intensifying. One of the bothersome aspects however is when the people who supposedly decry the hatred and division are the very same stoking that foundry of intolerance. Note how those in the media question with dismay how it is the Nazi party has so much exposure these days, all while they cannot refrain from granting the SS-holes blanket coverage.


Equally vexing are politicians who supposedly speak out against the divisions in this country while highlighting those same social barricades enthusiastically. Let us now go to Mauka, in the county of Honolulu, Hawaii. This is the district where State Representative Beth Fukumoto originates. The politician has made a small splash on social media by posting a letter purportedly sent to her by a purported Donald Trump supporter.

Fukumoto had previously caused ripples in the aquamarine when she switched parties this year, from being a GOP representative to a Democrat. This switchover was said to be due to her being removed from her Minority Leader position, a move spurned by her comments made to the negative towards newly elected President Trump. This was really more of a lateral move, given Beth has posted pics of herself with liberal iconography, such as “She Persisted” posters, or sporting a magenta feminist vagina hat. Also, those scathing comments about Trump? They were delivered at a Women’s March rally.

(What’s the Hawaiian word for “RINO”?)

Now Fukumoto is drawing attention to herself based on a missive delivered to her office. The typewritten letter, dated 08 – 09, was posted to her personal Twitter account.

As many outlets in the media have dutifully detailed this as an example of hate, and repeated that Donald Trump is the cause, note the lack of journalistic curiosity. There are a number of questions regarding this correspondence, most which will go unasked.


I contacted Rep. Fukumoto’s office, and reached her spokesperson. I asked if the letter had been turned over to any law enforcement agency, and was told at this time that no, the letter had not been given to any authorities. This is after one full week from the letter being received. I had a number of other questions, including a request to have a picture of the full face of the envelope, but was then told that any further inquiry had to be delivered via email.


  • Why would someone from “La, Calif” be so concerned with a Hawaiian State Representative?
  • Why are the stamps on the envelope not postmarked?




  • Why would someone use $0.10 stamps which were issued in 1975? And why would they separate the block when it does not give sufficient postage to deliver said envelope today?




  • Has anyone tried tracking the USPS bar code shown at the bottom of the envelope? If that is a code that derives from a commercial account it may be traceable, or can track   the origination address. This would at the very least tell someone the location from where the letter had been mailed.




At press time I had not received contact back from the spokesperson, nor Rep. Fukumoto herself. Considering the level of accusation being leveled towards the President the burden of proof to this culpability rests with Ms. Fukumoto.


Following this post I did receive contact back from Rep. Fukumoto herself. She states that, contrary to what I had been told by her reps, they have reached out to authorities: “Yes, we’ve been in touch with law enforcement to see if it’s possible to determine the origin of the letter. The postmark of the letter indicated that it was from CA, but it’s faded so the city is not entirely clear.”


As for an image of the envelope she informed me that a pic had been provided to The Huffington Post. (Available here.) The writer, a resident of Hawaii, received this image Wednesday evening.

HuffPost sent a copy of the envelope to officials at the U.S. Postal Service in Honolulu, who confirmed that the enveloped was processed by a USPS center in California before it was sent to Honolulu.



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