Is Florida the Next Nazi Battleground State?



Richard Spencer now focuses on the Sunshine State, hoping to become the “Florida Mein”.


Thanks to media hype, and the predictably easily-agitated Antifa movement, a recent Alt-Right rally held at the University of Virginia descended into a melee of the meatheads, culminating in an inbred “White Purity” devotee running over protesters with his vehicle, killing one woman. There is little shock such a gathering of bloated sofa-pilots would devolve into a violent “Lord of the Fries” spectacle.


And now Dick Spencer wants to bring this imbalanced horde to the University of Florida, because I suppose this state has been lacking in unraveling psyches and lunacy. He has reserved a speaking date on campus for his National Policy Institute, tentatively set for September, 21. UF President, Kent Fuchs, made the announcement of the event through official campus outlets.

Per university regulation 2.004, non-university groups, organizations and persons may rent space on campus, provided they cover rental expenses and security costs like all other third-party renters,” Fuchs’ email said. “UF administration, staff and campus police are developing a security plan for the potential event and are working with colleagues across the country who have had similar events on their campus.

Dick Spencer is endeavoring to arrive strictly of his own inspiration. No student groups or other groups affiliated with the university are sponsoring this speech. Recent actions by political officials may be motivating him. The protest in Virginia — organized by Unite The Right, a coalition of various supremacy groups, of which Spencer is connected — was ostensibly formulated as a response to governmental decisions to remove Civil War era monuments.

Of course, it did not take long for these troglodyte torch-bearers to divert their messaging away from this intended issue. Friday’s March, and Saturday’s rally were replete with Nazi salutes, Third Reich-inspired chants, and SS iconography. Little surprise these Adolph-acolytes-with-ADD could not stay on messaging, but this means Florida may become the next conflagration point.


This is because there are a number of municipalities moving forward with Civil War white-washing. Last month in Tampa a commission voted to remove a confederate statue from public property. In Orlando this past May it was decided a confederate statue that has stood for a century would be moved to a private cemetery. In Hollywood Black Lives Matter motivated local politicians to alter street names which had been used to honor Confederate figures.

This intolerance for America’s history – however uncomfortable and controversial – has only become more widespread. Currently in Fort Myers one member of the NAACP is working to have a statue of Robert E. Lee removed from public grounds. Maybe Dick Spencer should take note of one detail emerging off of this past weekend’s explosive “rally”.

The images from the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that ended in upheaval and death Saturday led James Muwakkil to a Robert E. Lee statue in Fort Myers. The Charlottesville rally also reignited Muwakkil’s resolve to have the statue and the portrait of Lee removed from public places.

Well done, Dick. In protesting these actions in such a disastrous manner you manage to instead inspire more of this reactive squelching of history. The question next to be asked is just how far these censors of antiquities are willing to go. Fort Myers, as one example, is situated within Lee County — namesake of the very same General whose statue is targeted to be expunged.


Thus, if Dick Spencer and his underevolved stormtroopers manage to bring forth another social clash next month they will likely only provoke more of the very activity they claim to want blocked. Don’t get hopes elevated that these diminished social thinkers would ever grasp they are actually motivating those they desire to impede.

For a group that likes to declare they are the master race, they sure are remarkably slow.


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