For The 4th of July Consider a Vintage Military Charity


Celebrating the nation’s independence takes on numerous variations, from joining together with families, grilling a wide selection of proteins over a fire, and  blowing crap up! I would like to offer up an additional act of patriotism that can be of help for veterans and active duty military.


Called The Pinup Patriettes, these patriotic ladies support our current and former troops in numerous functions over the course of the year. The Pinup Patriettes are a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing 1945 style patriotism back to America. They are an all female troupe of singers, dancers, and models who raise much needed funds, awareness, and morale for our active duty military members, veterans, and their families.

They began in 2010, as Co-Founder Dolly Marlowe explains. “We would hear so many heartbreaking stories of veterans down on their luck who couldn’t get help from, or didn’t have access to, the larger charity groups, or people serving their country that felt unappreciated or marginalized by the media and society at large. ”

Two primary efforts of the group involve fundraising events here for numerous veteran support groups, and the second for which they are just beginning to collect donations involves care packages for active service members unable to return home during the holidays.

  • The Pinup Patriettes will be working with Any Soldier, an organization that gathers the names of deployed military units that don’t get a lot or any mail at all. We’ll be sending the entire unit care packages of treats, fancy toiletries, holiday items, and anything else that brings them a bit of home. Deployment can be a lonely time, especially over the holidays. Many of our service members don’t have family or family willing to write to them. It’s our job to make sure they’re not forgotten.

It does not have to be a monumental figure, but any amount would go far towards helping them put together welcomed outreach, products, and support for those stationed and alone while abroad. You can donate via PayPal with a tax-deductible donation.

How could you go wrong helping a group deliver care to our soldiers, that comes from such an attractive package?



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