Debbie Wasserman and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Summer

Once a darling of the Dems, Debbie is enduring a demonstrable downturn.

As a Florida resident it has been with long standing dismay that I watched the ascendency of Debbie Wasserman Schultz through the ranks of the Democrat party. She fully embodies that political concept of an individual who fails upward. Last summer she approached the summit.


As the head of the DNC, DWS was found to have worked behind the scenes to fix the primary in favor of Hillary Clinton. She was fired from her position and was promptly “punished”, by joining Hillary’s campaign staff, ready to ride all the way to the White House. The November Surprise has only been the beginning of the end, as Schultz since then dropped out of favor faster than if she were in a water park flume tunnel.

In February there was the breaking story of 5 IT employees of the US House who came under investigation for stealing computer hardware from up to 20 House Members. While four of the criminals had their access to House servers immediately severed, and became fired, Schultz elected to move the fifth member, Imran Awan, onto her staff as an “advisor”. The thefts totaled into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Awan was also found to have unauthorized access to the House computer system.

This bit of bizarre shielding of someone who clearly was up to nefarious ends only becomes more suspicious. Awan had access to Debbie’s passwords while she was the DNC Chair, at the time of their email hacking scandal. This becomes more curious when you consider she is not only appearing to protect a potential criminal, but one with connections to her mounting scandals.

Schultz next took things to an odd level of hostility when last month she lashed out directly at U.S. Capitol Police Chief. During a subcommittee hearing she addressed the refusal of him returning some computer equipment, as a portion of the investigation into the thefts and computer breach. Said Schultz, “I think you’re violating the rules when you conduct your business that way and should expect that there would be consequences.”


Adding to the diminishing returns of Debbie Wasserman as a politician of value, last month Hillary Clinton continued her post-election Pass The Buck Tour, and the Committee formerly led by DWS was now a new cause of her losing. “I inherited nothing,” Hillary explained, lengthening her list of excuses to blame the DNC. “I mean, it was bankrupt. It was on the verge of insolvency. Its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong.” Of course this declaration is more than a little mitigated by Clinton deciding to bring the very leader of the committee onto her campaign. However it speaks volumes that she started things off on a van tour of Iowa, after the debacle Hillary had no compunction throwing Wasserman under the bus.

There is a separate, but connected matter of a lawsuit filed in Florida courts regarding the DNC and how it favored Hillary in the Democratic Primaries. Schultz is named as a defendant in that suit. A bizarre incident took place where a phone call was placed to the law firm involved in that suit, with the caller using an electronic modulator to mask their voice while asking specific questions about the case. The caller ID was still enabled, and the law office determined this call originated in Wasserman Schultz’s office, a violation of court procedure.

And all is not well on the general campaign for the Representative of Florida’s 23rd District. As she is set to face a challenger, Tim Canova, on the party ticket next election, state Democratic Party officials are losing their infatuation with her. On June 17, the Florida Democratic Party held a massive fundraiser at the posh Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood Beach. Headlining the event was Joe Biden, and it also featured Senator Bill Nelson, as well as the trio of candidates who will vie for the Florida governor’s office. Even attending to host a “Resistance Panel” is the perpetually-vested activist Deray Mckesson.


Not speaking at the event was Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The event was held within her district.

As a sign of just how resistant party players have become, Leslie Wimes of Boynton Beach, the president of the Democratic African-American Women’s Caucus, wrote a rather acerbic rebuke of the once venerated party leader. In a column, written for the Sunshine State News, in the title she refers to the “Toxic Debbie Wasserman Schultz”, and only goes on from there.  

The last fundraising report was underwhelming. Who is going to want to give to a party with the face of a pending DNC lawsuit up on the stage looking back at them? Let’s be honest. Debbie Wasserman Schultz makes Democrats want to vomit, not vote.

It is hard to measure how many are jumping off the bandwagon, but it sure looks like Schultz will not have the important black voters as an assured demographic, if Wimes is any indicator.

I hope Tim Canova decides to run against her again. Rumor has it that he will be officially announcing this week. It looks like Debate-Dodging Debbie will once again have the protection of the party. She’s going to need it.

Tim Canova has recently announced he will in fact be running against Schultz in next year’s primary.


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