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Ghosts In The Machine edition


You don’t always see themes emerge in the blockbuster season, but this year’s summer frame is certainly shaping up to be one filled with tired franchises leaking interest. This is always the time where studios have their surefire money-makers rolling off the assembly line for mass market appeal.



Another such product was rolled out for audiences this weekend and showed signs that it may be time to redesign the concept. Here’s the weekend performances, including the defects and recalls.


1. TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST NIGHT — $63.9 million (5 day)

This fifth installment of the franchise that everyone hates, yet everyone sees, is showing signs of wearing down. Even with a two day advanced screening this will be the lowest opener in the franchise. Michael Bay has said this will be the last film to be directed by him, but Paramount has more robots slated to be released in the future. The real story here was going to be the foreign box office. The last edition, “Age Of Extinction,” grossed well over $1 billion, with most of that from foreign markets, especially China.


2.   WONDER WOMAN — $26.1m

Continuing to be impressive, DC’s heroine crossed the $300million total and is still going. Diana will be poised to surpass “Suicide Squad”, and “Batman vs. Superman” very soon, meaning only the “Dark Knight” films will be more successful in the DC Universe. Possibly the next milestone will be if she can do better than “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” which has pulled in $380m this summer.



3.  CARS 3 — $25.6m

Another flagging franchise getting bad mileage, there was a moderate -52% drop in week two. It just crossed the $100million mark, but the coming weeks will be tough, with “Despicable Me 3″ and then “Spiderman” looking to draw the kids. Certain to be the lowest earner in the “Cars” fleet.


4.   47 METERS DOWN — $6.9m

This is an over performing shark thriller that many felt was forgotten before release. Sporting an impressive second week drop of only -38% this one actually added 200 screens. Turning into a big win for the upstart Entertainment Studios company.


5.  ALL EYEZ ON ME – $5.88m

The surprising hit from last week has become an equally surprising flameout? Seems that it drew all of its audience on opening week, based on the staggering -78% drop this weekend. Any hope of a “Straight Outta Compton” type of run is now long gone.


6.  THE MUMMY — $5.80 m

Universal sees its launch of the Dark Universe unravelling. Dropped over 800 screens and will not come close to $100million. The studio may come out ahead however, as it is doing well overseas.




Yet another series that is garnering waning interest. It has done well overseas, but the $650million global figure is well off the last film that made over $1billion.



Small surprise the hero in underwear is over four weeks out and still the tighty-whitie knight is a player.


9.  ROUGH NIGHT — $4.8m

The racy women’s comedy has given Sony Studios a bigger headache than any hangover the characters endured.



The probable winner of summer, as these mix-tape marvels have now been two full months in the top-10.


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