The De-Spectacled Ben Jacobs Sees His Eyewear Become Museum Curated




In case anyone is worried journalists love making themselves the center of a story, or that the media are enmeshed in a cycle of “fake news”, The Guardian is here to confirm your  impressions. The outlet is the employer of Ben Jacobs, the reporter who was launched into headlines following a confrontation with Montana Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte. Now we have comprehensive coverage of Jacobs, post-melee.



As we now know, at a press conference there was a confrontation between the two men and Gianforte ended up body-slamming Jacobs…or he choked him…or he grabbed his shirt…or —


What is known is the GOP candidate got unnecessarily physical, and Jacobs became bruised and his eyewear was broken in the fracas. The dustup was tailor-made for today’s media cycle. The demonized GOP had lashed out directly against the press, which has delighted in painting themselves victims — all while they launch a perpetual critical fusillade against the Trump administration. It couldn’t have been scripted better by WWE! (This also prepares us for the coming Dwayne Johnson administration.)

resting punch face

In a detailed piece, complete with action photos from his optometrist visit, we get the latest on the beleaguered reporter, including his new see-goods. Black frames — Banana Republic brand — ready for pickup in one week. But then we get the most astounding/asinine announcement; (results variable, govern yourself accordingly.)



At the request of the Washington DC media museum the Newseum, Jacobs has agreed to donate his broken glasses to the museum for display in their collection.


Annnnnnnnd, there it is. Need any more evidence the media loves little else more than themselves? Making him the focus, and trying to make his destroyed glasses an iconic museum-grade installation, is made all the more pathetic by the fact that the entire fiasco defines the term “non-story”.


Greg Gianforte’s actions were so objectionable he won the election the following day. Ben Jacobs meanwhile looks forward to new glasses — a fortnight later.



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