When Celebrities Paint Themselves as Military Experts: Not a Pretty Picture

President Trump garnered the attention of the globe when he commissioned the military to drop a massive piece of ordnance in Afghanistan. Dubbed the Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) it was the largest non-nuclear detonation at our disposal. That level of aggression also drew the attention from the Hollywood experts.

It was an impassioned zeal to condemn the actions of the reviled President by our luminary betters, but in the rush to voice outrage, many of these “societal experts” managed to expose stark ignorance. One of the joys in life is to behold a self-proclaimed expert who displays an abject absence of knowledge on a subject; that joy turns to hilarity when a lecture is sent down from an “important” celebrity.

Let’s start with Mark Ruffalo, who is rather confused about our foreign policy.

It just seems odd to have to explain to such a vested activist actor that we are not attacking the Afghani government, but the terrorist faction that is metastasizing therein, but here we are.

The creator of “House of Cards” shows he is more adept at pretend politics.

This explains why Obama was so popular — he dropped tens of thousands of bombs during his tenure. Trump is just employing a proven methodology, we presume.

George Takei gives us another explanation as to the problem: it wasn’t that Trump bombed ISIS terrorists, it was the size of the weapon.

Obama’s bombs were appropriately-sized, and therefore acceptable. That is judging by the lack of outrage during his numerous attacks across the various ME nations.

So many of these fame generals exposed themselves as having graduated from Talking Points Academy when they got into the financials of the bomb. Many, like Cher, were spouting off cost figures that were rooted in hysterical audit practices.

These numbers derive from looking at the cost of the entirety of the MOAB program, begun administrations ago. From inception, through research and development, and then the physical production, over many years. The actual bomb is less than $200,000. But facts have no place in misplaced hysteria.

TV writer Danny Zucker was among the many who found economic equivalencies.

This is encouraging stuff, however. It is a sign many on the left are for once showing a resistance to government spending. But I can placate Zucker’s concerns here. The MOW program is almost entirely privately funded, thus we can bomb freely without financial guilt!

Documentary filmmaker Josh Fox, he of “Gasland” infamy, was quite adamant that he was against a violent approach to terrorists.

This is the convenient bravery of the left, who had no such lecturing and consternation the past eight years. As soon as there is a change of the shingle outside the White House, of course, all activity is judged 180 degrees out of phase.  But Fox later gave all reason to not only dismiss his tsk-tsk condescension, but to openly laugh out loud at him.

See,  he knows what he is talking about because he studied up on this devious device.

This is a shock to exactly one person: Josh Fox. That he believes he is breaking a story wide open to report that a bomb — brace yourself — causes destruction, is pure hilarity. It is also emblematic of the shot-glass-shallow wisdom on display from these self-anointed sages of diplomacy.

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