Jamaal Bowman's Psychotic Rally Performance Has Somehow Managed to Get Worse

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Jamaal Bowman and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have hosted the most psychotic political rally in modern history on Saturday, with both crazed left-wing politicians being in rare form. Somehow, things just managed to get worse, though.


As RedState reported, Ocasio-Cortez took the stage by jumping around like she was on meth before ripping her ponytail out and grabbing the podium. She then began ranting, incoherently at times, in a way that would remind any history buff of a certain German dictator's speeches. At one point, she sounded almost identical to the shouting from the infamous (and much-parodied) bunker scene in "Downfall." 

WATCH: AOC Goes Full Psycho at Bronx Rally for Jamaal Bowman, and Things Just Get Weirder From There

Soon enough, it was Bowman's turn to excite the crowd. What followed was...uh...something.

BOWMAN: We’re gonna showing f****** AIPAC the motherf****** power of the South Bronx.


We're gonna show them who the f*** we are. 

(starts chant for himself)

There's an issue there, and not being from New York, I didn't realize it the first time I covered the rally. Unfortunately, for Bowman, while it's remotely possible the South Bronx might indeed support him and want to "show them who the f*** we are," the South Bronx is...not in his district. 


Who could have guessed that the attention whore who likes to cosplay as a pro-wrestler while shouting obscenities doesn't even know where his district is. It's comical, but it's not surprising. Congress has long ceased to be about representation for at least some of its members. Instead, it's a pathway to fame and fortune. Certainly, that's been its purpose for the aforementioned Ocacio-Cortez. 

Still, it's prudent to not admit your ignorance about who you supposedly represent in public. Bowman, being one of the most ridiculous and vapid members of the House couldn't even manage that. Meanwhile, turnout in heavily Jewish areas of his district is reported to be extremely high. He overplayed his hand by denying the atrocities of October 7th, and if there's any justice, he's going to pay the political price for it. 

How likely is that? Well, the last poll that was taken had Bowman down 17 points to his primary opponent. What's the congressman's response? To double-down. 


Perhaps Bowman is unaware of what the word "many" means, but given he's getting crushed at the moment, it would seem he neither has the money nor the many. As to the mention of "MAGA," that's laughable given this is a Democrat-on-Democrat race in one of New York City's bluest areas. It's not exactly "MAGA country." You can tell how desperate Bowman is by his attempts to make his race about Trump when Trump could not be more irrelevant to it. 

I don't know what's going to happen with the rest of 2024, but if Bowman does indeed lose, it'll be one of the funnier defeats in recent memory.



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