Joe Biden Met With a Witness Testifying Against Hunter Biden, Liberals Go Ballistic Over Reporting

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The appearance of corruption from Joe Biden involving his son's upcoming trial continues apace. On Thursday evening, Hunter Biden just happened to attend a state dinner at the White House. Who else was there? That would be AG Merrick Garland, the head of the DOJ who is prosecuting the younger Biden. 


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Nothing to see there, though. We've all been assured such encounters are fine. What else is fine? The president going and meeting with Hallie Biden, one of the witnesses set to testify against Hunter Biden. An NBC News reporter shared that development on Sunday, and it sent liberals into fits of rage. 

I'll get to why this is a problem, but first, let's sample some of the responses to Grumbach's post. 


I hate to have to be that guy. I didn't intend to wake up and explain to liberals what Memorial Day is, but here we are. Someone has to do it.

For those confused, Memorial Day is not Veterans Day, the latter of which occurs in November and centers on all veterans, including those who have died for any reason at any point in time. By contrast, Memorial Day is only for those who died while actively serving the country, typically in combat or as a result of enemy fire. Some would argue that an accident while deployed would also qualify.

Beau Biden, who developed and died of cancer years after leaving the service, is not who Memorial Day is for. That's not "ghoulish," and it's not a low blow. It's simply the truth, and it matters because stealing valor matters. 

Regardless, does anyone think it might be a story if Donald Trump went to meet with a witness testifying against his son in a criminal trial? Does anyone think cries of "Well, it's his family," as we see above, would matter one iota in that case? Of course, they wouldn't. It'd be treated as a massive scandal, and Trump would be accused of witness tampering. 


To be frank, even if Beau Biden did qualify for Memorial Day, it would still be highly suspect for Joe Biden to have contact with a witness testifying against his other son. The entire thing reeks of corruption and an attempt to massage the upcoming trial. I understand that Hallie Biden, whose affair with Hunter Biden makes her relevant to the case, is still considered family, but sometimes life isn't fair. No one made the president's son allegedly commit federal crimes. 


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