The Optics Go From Bad to Worse at Wax Statue Biden's Tone-Deaf 'Grassroots' NY Fundraiser

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

How important is money in an already saturated presidential election? We are all going to find out, but Joe Biden certainly seems to believe it's the key to his re-election. 


On Thursday evening, he appeared at a "grassroots" fundraiser with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, with estimates of $25 million being raised. 

Just how "grassroots" was this thing? The base-level entry plate was $100,000, while it cost somewhere between $250,000-500,000 to take a picture with the guests of honor. Truly, Biden is a man of the people.

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The optics only got worse from there (and they will move from worse to worst later in the article). When it was time for the current president and the two past White House dwellers to come on stage, they rose out of the floor on a mechanical lift. No, I'm not kidding because nothing says caring about the average American's grocery bills than that. 

Even moving past how tone-deaf and out of touch this is, Biden's physical appearance is a story unto itself. He looks like a wax statue with animatronic limbs built in, from the weird "flex" he does at the beginning, to the awkward pointing and the fact that he can't seem to put his arms fully down. Then, right on cue, Biden gets confused and has to ask Stephen Colbert what he's supposed to do next.


Later in the evening, the president proceeded to act out the "dark Brandon" meme by putting on sunglasses, again looking stiffer than the presidential robots at the Epcot Center. 

Does Biden look more like a president or more like a nursing home patient enjoying recreational time in the cafeteria? Every time he stands next to Obama or even Clinton, the fact that he's incredibly ancient is made all the more apparent. I'm not sure how leaning into that visual does anything but hurt him, given it offers a stark reminder of his worst political liability, though, I'm sure tens of millions of dollars raised will soften the blow. 

Still, it feels like playing with fire. Remember that this "grassroots" fundraiser took place in New York on the same day, in the same city that Donald Trump attended the wake of murdered NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller. 

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Perhaps none of this will matter. Maybe Biden truly can just buy another term in the White House amidst his disastrous tenure. If he can, that would be a truly terrible thing for the country.



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