Democrat Staffer Who Filmed Himself Having Sex in the Capitol Won't Be Charged Because of Course

AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein

In news that isn't going to shock anyone, the United States Capitol Police has decided not to charge the Democrat staffer who trespassed in a Capitol hearing room and then filmed himself having anal sex with another man. 


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The video of the act was posted online by the perpetrator and found by conservative news outlets. Naturally, the mainstream press had little interest in the story, and Sen. Ben Cardin, who employed the staffer, was allowed to simply drop the issue. Keep in mind, we are talking about the same mainstream press that spent two weeks obsessing over Rep. Lauren Boebert engaging in some ill-advised heavy petting in a movie theater.

Aidan Maese-Czeropski, the staffer in question, was defiant in the aftermath, claiming he was "being attacked for who I love to pursue a political agenda." Yeah, I'm sure that was it. It wasn't him filming himself going at it with another dude in a Capitol hearing room. It was just a "political agenda.

Now, after much caterwauling about taking the issue seriously and opening a criminal investigation, the USCP has decided no charges will be filed. 

Good news for anyone who is thinking about sneaking into a Capitol hearing room to film lewd acts: You've got the green light. 


That's the message here, right? Of course, I'd be weary of testing that new standard if you aren't a Democrat. It seems like the USCP is more than willing to do whatever it takes to help only people of a certain political persuasion. Others, not so much.

And speaking of persuasion, did the sexuality of those involved play a role in this? Was the USCP scared of the backlash from the gay community if they dared charge someone? If they were, that's just another mark against their credibility.

Remember this episode the next time a Democrat screeches about "muh norms" and talks about returning decency to politics. They don't actually care about that. They don't care about people trespassing in and degrading the Capitol Building. It was all for show. If it wasn't, they'd be demanding Maese-Czeropski be charged.


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