WATCH: Insanely Large and Complex Hamas Terror Tunnel System Discovered

Israel Defense Forces via AP

Palestinians have been in control of the Gaza Strip for nearly two decades, and during that period they've been given hundreds of billions of dollars by the international community. What have they done with it? They've built terror tunnel complexes to horde humanitarian aid and store Iranian-supplied weapons. 


It's one of the saddest stories in modern geopolitics, and now we are getting an inside look at just how insane Hamas' infrastructure was before Israel arrived on the scene. Videos show an expansive network, spanning multiple kilometers complete with full life-support systems and stocked command centers.

The international community should live in eternal shame after watching that footage. Israel (and some in the United States) have spent years warning that all the money being funneled into Gaza was being spent on terrorism. What did the United Nations do? Pass condemnation after condemnation of Israel anytime they cared to fight back. 

Imagine what Gaza would look like today had the Palestinians not elected a terrorist group to rule them. They could have built the area into a tourist destination with plush beach resorts and modern architecture, enriching everyone who lived there. Instead, their lust for Jewish blood overtook them, and they blew all the money they were given on concrete monstrosities underground. Those tunnels will now end up being destroyed, and those in Gaza will have wasted one of the greatest humanitarian gifts in human history to accomplish absolutely nothing but their own demise. 


Will any lessons be learned? Of course not. Recent polling shows that support for Hamas and the October 7th attacks is only growing within the Palestinian population. They will never learn to live in peace because all they know is antisemitism and death. Worse, the same international community that enabled all this will do it again. They'll still demand "aid" be sent to Gaza, and they won't do a thing to ensure it gets to the people who actually need it. Why? Because without suffering and poverty, the international NGO grift ends, and that's really what this is all about for many of those involved. 

Israel has come this far, and I suspect they have every intention of finishing the job. Seeing these latest tunnel discoveries will only harden their resolve knowing what they are up against. 



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