Biden Brings the Creep-Factor in Meeting With Mexican President

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden brought the creep-factor on Friday while meeting with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The two are in California for the APEC conference, where a bunch of nations test the waters to see how much advantage they can take of the United States. 


Things didn't take long to get weird. Biden opened by telling Mexico's president that he's "so captivating" while worrying that Jill Biden might have eyes for another man. 

I guess some people over 80 lose their ability to distinguish between what's appropriate and what's not. This was supposed to be a serious meeting between two heads of state. For Biden, it might as well have been a night at the bar. A very early night at the bar. 

Do you want to know what really bothers me about the president lavishing praise on Obrador, though? It's the fact that Mexico has done essentially nothing to help secure its own border in order to slow illegal immigration at America's border. In fact, since Obrador has taken over, he's actively sought to make the situation worse. 

When it comes to the fentanyl crisis, Obrador made the laughable claim in March that Mexico doesn't produce or consume it. That's completely false, and it also obscures the fact that Mexico allows the drug to flow freely through its borders from China. Obrador has even gone so far as to try his hand at American domestic politics, demanding that Hispanics not vote for Gov. Ron DeSantis because of racism or something.

He's a ridiculous world leader who doesn't deserve praise, and anyone who is "captivated" by him should have their head examined. Speaking of having one's head examined, Biden then said the following.


A balanced approach? Is that what we are calling the worst humanitarian crisis on the Southern border in history? And what does "increasing reparations" even mean in this context? Biden's border strategy is an abject failure, and the fact that he's still touting legal pathways given the millions upon millions who have crossed illegally in the last several years is insane. The country simply can't continue to absorb people at this rate, especially when most of them require various welfare resources, either directly or indirectly (look at what the illegal immigration crisis is doing to New York City's budget). 

How are we still arguing any of this as a nation? Clearly, the right path is to secure the border and return order to the system. Yet, those in power not only refuse to do so, they fawn over foreign leaders who are making the problem worse. It's shameful.



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