Elizabeth Warren Mercilessly Slammed for 'Islamophobia' Post After Jewish Man Is Murdered

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who apparently has the timing of a broken clock, decided to weigh in on the scourge of "hate" on Tuesday, but she did so in a way that is leading to widespread denunciation. 


The background centers on a Jewish man who passed away on Monday after being bashed over the head with a megaphone by a pro-Hamas protester. A video that was released on social media showed Paul Kessler, the man in question, lying on the ground, bleeding in the immediate aftermath of the attack. The incident occurred in Ventura County, CA, and has now been ruled a homicide.

So was Warren chiming in to speak against antisemitism and to call for calm from those on the far left who are rabidly out of control in their support for Hamas? Nope, she put up a post decrying "Islamophobia." 

You can't make this level of tone-deafness up. 

Congrats to Warren for becoming the living embodiment of this famous Norm Macdonald joke. 


Warren's timing couldn't be any more insulting and degrading. The left's religion of intersectionality demands that Warren make Muslims the center of the world when it comes to supposed bigotry despite the fact that there is precious little evidence that "Islamophobia" even exists. According to government statistics, anti-Muslim hate crimes rank just slightly above anti-Catholic hate crimes, with antisemitism being nearly six times more prevalent. 

Yet, here we are going through another round of "Islamophobia" hysteria despite there being nothing empirical to support the idea that there has been a "surge" of hate and violence against Muslims in America. At this moment, it's just a made-up talking point that is meant to placate the worst impulses of the far left. Democrats can't be seen by their deranged base just speaking against antisemitism, which has actually spiked, without also equivocating with claims of "Islamophobia." 

Warren's ridiculous statement elicited strong responses.


Intersectionalism is poison. It obfuscates and ignores provable evil in order to push the idea that all circumstances can be explained by the dynamics of "oppression." But even if you believe that faux-intellectual nonsense, how did Muslims end up so high up on the hierarchy? Muslims have a long, torrid history of conquering and oppressing others. They aren't marginalized in the least, yet American liberals treat them as if they are akin to those who suffered slavery.

It's absurd, and it's also dangerous in that it ignores real problems in favor of made-up ones. Islamophobia is mostly a myth. Antisemitism is incredibly real. They are not on the same level, and anyone who treats them as such is either insanely ignorant or incredibly dishonest. I'm going to go with the latter regarding Warren.


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