After Seal-Clapping for a Literal Nazi, Justin Trudeau Blames 'Russian Disinformation'

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

During a recent visit by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Canada's ruling class found itself giving a standing ovation to a former nazi SS soldier. The surreal scene was supposedly the result of a lack of due diligence. Apparently, no Canadian politician was expected to know that Ukraine was allied with Adolf Hitler during World War II. 


Obviously, the goal was to virtue signal for Zelensky, who also seemed blissfully unaware of the implications. As I said in my initial write-up, this is the issue with so many global leaders trying to desperately to virtue signal about a single issue. This is a mistake that would have been easy to avoid if those involved had stopped for just a few moments and thought through things. 

Zelensky would be far better served remaining in his country to fight his war of self-defense, which he has every right to do. These international tours where he gives the same speech over and over while various global elites fall all over themselves to get a picture with him aren't helping bolster support for Ukraine. Rather, it's harming perceptions, especially when the elites Zelensky is hobnobbing with are deeply unpopular figures like Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau. 

Case in point? In response to the screw-up, Trudeau decided to warn everyone of the scourge of "Russian disinformation." Again, I don't think Zelensky cozying up to these ridiculous people is helping his cause. 


Trudeau is such a weasel. In the clip, he attempts to completely absolve himself of blame while pivoting to the "Russian disinformation" in record time. Why? Because he knows that like mentioning "climate change," saying the phrase "Russian disinformation" is a get-out-jail-free card for any politician.

It's the go-to move anytime a politician says or does something stupid, including instituting terrible policies. Sure, the economy is in the dumps, but that's fine because fighting climate change is the most important battle of our generation. Sure, honoring nazis is bad, but did you hear that the Russians are trying to spread disinformation? Look, a squirrel!

There's also the fact that Trudeau doesn't appear to be telling the truth. 


According to the above MP, it was Trudeau who met with the former SS soldier and arranged for him to be honored in parliament. Trudeau trying to pass the buck is what you'd expect from one of the worst prime ministers in Canada's history, though. He can say "Russian disinformation" as many times as he'd like. That reality isn't changing. 



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