NEW: Fani Willis' Grand Jury Recommended Charges Against Lindsey Graham and Kelly Loeffler

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The grand jury behind Fani Willis' indictment of Donald Trump and 18 other co-defendants for RICO violations has had a checkered history, and its credibility may have just taken another blow.


As RedState reported in February, the grand jury foreperson, a woman named Emily Kohrs, appeared on both CNN and NBC News. In doing so, not only did she come across as extremely weird and fame-seeking, but some alleged she broke the law in leaking the business of the grand jury, including the outcome of votes. 

Here is one of the clips that caused such a stir. 

Now we are learning that the grand jury recommended charges not just for the 19 people who were ultimately indicted, but also for several others. Those include Sen. Lindsey Graham and former senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. 


According to the grand jury's final report, its members voted to recommend charges against Graham over his interactions with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. 

Raffensperger testified to the House January 6 committee that his phone call with Graham made him “uncomfortable” because some of Graham’s suggestions could have led to “disenfranchising voters.”  

Graham repeatedly prodded Raffensperger and his colleagues on the phone about the signature-matching of ballots in the Atlanta area. Raffensperger told CNN in November 2020 that he believed Graham “implied” that he should try to “throw out” some ballots in the heavily Democratic county.  

It would seem questionable to charge someone for "implying" something based on the supposition that voter fraud occurred. Graham has defended his phone call with Raffensperger, claiming that he was acting within an official legislative role. Given the senator would ultimately have to vote on the certification of the election, it would seem probable that he would have the right to analyze the results. 

The recommendation against Loeffler is even weaker. Her only involvement was attending a meeting with Perdue in which he pushed for a special session of Georgia's legislature to deal with the claims of fraud.


Another interesting revelation from the report is that the grand jury overwhelmingly voted (20-0-1) to recommend charges against attorney Lin Wood, who was at the forefront of charging election fraud following the 2020 election, including holding rallies. Notably, despite being someone you would assume would be a prime target of Willis, he was not indicted. It's still unclear why. 

Regardless, those who had questions about the propriety of the grand jury behind this case are not likely to be comforted by the fact that its members wanted to indict senators and former senators on what appear to be very, very specious grounds.


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