Donald Trump's Georgia Indictment Quickly Turned Into a Ridiculous Low-Budget Reality Show

AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

On Monday evening, right in the middle of primetime (what a coincidence), a Georgia grand jury handed down an indictment that is being reported as belonging to Donald Trump. RedState will be reporting all the details once the document is unsealed, which should be within an hour or so of this publishing. But even without those details, the absurd theater began in earnest.


Unlike the past indictments of the former president, where the judges took care to not turn the actual in-court proceedings into a spectacle (i.e. by not allowing cameras), this latest indictment turned into a low-budget reality show. The star of the show was the Fulton County court clerk, who welcomed a gaggle of media to follow her around the halls of the court as she solemnly walked the paperwork to her office, surrounded by armed guards. It was reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi marching Trump's articles of impeachment through the Capitol Building. Everyone knows what's really going on.

That woman has been waiting all her life to garner that much attention, and she soaked up every minute of it. Upon reaching her office, instead of entering it and dealing with the indictment like she's supposed to, she paused and posed for the cameras. She then posed the document to the press before signing it as if she were signing the Declaration of Independence. But rest assured, this is all really above board and not at all political.


It gets better, though. We'll also be getting mugshots soon. Again, unlike the jurisdictions of the other indictments, which avoided such unnecessary spectacles, these Georgia officials are going for the full Monty. 

I won't belabor the point. Soon enough, we'll have the full accounting of what's in this indictment, but no matter what it contains, it's obvious these Fulton County officials want their names in lights. They want to be the ones who finally took down Donald Trump, and they want you to know that they were the ones who finally took down Donald Trump. It's so obviously political.


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