Lia Thomas Comes out as an 'Antifa Super Soldier'

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If there was any confusion left about who Lia Thomas really is (besides being a man), this latest development settles the issue once and for all.

Thomas initially gained fame for dominating NCAA women’s swimming as a “transgender” athlete. Prior to that, he had languished for years competing against his biological peers in the men’s league.


Interspersed with what was being seen in public at the time was a battle behind the scenes. As multiple women have testified, Thomas invaded women’s locker rooms, flaunting his decidedly male genitalia with no care for their comfort. Meanwhile, college administrators essentially threatened the female athletes who objected, asserting that the issue was decided and that Thomas would be preferred.

Now, Thomas is leaving no doubt about where he stands as an aggressor in the culture wars. In a recent post on Instagram, the transgender swimmer proclaimed he’s an “Antifa Super Soldier.”

What a completely shocking turn of events. Do you mean to tell me that the towering man who decided to beat up on women in college swimming is also a far-left radical who embraces the violent Antifa agenda? Who could have seen that coming?


This was always the inevitable result of Thomas’ progression. While the press tried to paint him as a meek individual who just desperately wanted to compete as what he was, it’s been clear intrinsically and via the commentary of women who have dealt with him that he’s actually an arrogant bully.

Think about what kind of person you’d have to be to force your way into a women’s locker room and expose yourself to people who were denied any opportunity to consent. Even if you accept every premise of transgenderism (you shouldn’t), it’s clear that Thomas cares about no one but himself. He’s a selfish, mentally deluded individual who would rather make people suffer than bear the meager inconvenience of using a separate changing facility. Never mind all the women he harmed during the process of actually competing while not showing an ounce of remorse.

Thomas joining the Antifa brigade is just the logical next step because transgender ideology is inherently militant. It demands not just acceptance but total subservience. It’s not enough to say, “He’s an adult; he can do what he wants.” Rather, you are expected to submit to the bending of reality in order to affirm mental illness lest you be labeled a “bigot” and cast out of polite society. That’s what makes it so distinct from past cultural battles.


That’s the reason I’ve long suggested that you can’t simply compartmentalize transgender ideology the way you can something like gay marriage. The transgender movement is too pervasive and total in its pursuits. You will be made to use “preferred pronouns.” You will be made to allow biological men into women’s restrooms. You will be made to accept men winning women’s beauty pageants. You will be made to affirm that a man can become a woman. The radicals will not accept anything less. Just as Lia Thomas’ shirt says, they see themselves as soldiers in a war. Take them seriously or don’t.


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