WATCH: Daniel Goldman Tries to Attack House Republicans, Accidentally Nails the Biden Family

Sometimes partisanship can paint you in a corner. Rep. Daniel Goldman, the insufferable former Trump impeachment lawyer and fresh-faced congressional member, is learning that the hard way.


It all started with the indictment of Gal Luft. As RedState reported, the former Hunter Biden business associate was recently charged with numerous crimes, including FARA violations for advising CEFC China without being a registered foreign agent. That came just as House Republicans were set to receive further information from Luft about the Biden family’s foreign dealings.

Instead of noting the suspicious timing, Goldman decided to try to spin the news into an allegation that Republicans were putting national security at risk.

Does he realize what he’s admitting to in this clip?

Let’s take Goldman’s claim at face value. Let’s assume that Gal Luft is actually guilty of being an agent of the CCP because he worked as an advisor for CEFC China and was paid a significant amount of money by the company (recent reports say $700,000). Let’s also assume that in doing so, he violated FARA laws in the United States and is being legitimately charged by the DOJ for doing so.


Do you know who else advised CEFC China (including lobbying for the company inside the United States) and made millions of dollars from CEFC China without registering as a foreign agent? That would be none other than Hunter Biden, who shook down a Chinese official by threatening Joe Biden’s wrath in order to garner a $5.1 payday from the company. That money was then funneled through various accounts to members of the Biden family. To this day, we don’t really know what “services” Hunter Biden provided to CEFC Energy.

In other words, while speaking to the friendly faces over at MSNBC, Goldman just inadvertently admitted that Hunter Biden was working for the CCP and should be vigorously investigated and possibly charged for doing so. That deserves a round of applause.

The only thing I’m left wondering is if Goldman’s statement came by way of sheer shamelessness or deep vapidness. He seems to truly think he’s cracked the case and trapped House Republicans when he’s actually done just the opposite.

Think about the standard Goldman is trying to set. He wants to suggest that others around Hunter Biden that were doing the same things as Hunter Biden are criminals while not expecting the rest of us to make the obvious connection. Even if Luft is guilty, that doesn’t discredit his allegations about the Biden family.


It’s like a mob member testifying against a mob boss. You would expect Hunter Biden’s business associates to have committed criminal acts given the accusations against Hunter Biden himself. To suggest those associates can’t then be used to provide information is laughably nonsensical.

Goldman wants to have it both ways, and he doesn’t get to it. If Luft is guilty of FARA violations for working with CEFC Energy, then why has Hunter Biden not been charged with the same crime? Democrats have no answer to that.



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