DOJ Criminally Charges Gal Luft, the 'Missing Whistleblower' Who Was Providing Information on the Bidens' China Dealings

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced charges against Gal Luft on Monday. Luft is being charged with FARA violations, arms trafficking, violating sanctions, and making false statements to federal agents.


This is noteworthy because Luft provided information to the FBI in 2019 about the Biden family’s dealings with China. Luft also recorded a video just three days prior to this charging decision accusing the DOJ of ignoring his information and instead using it to go after him personally. He was set to meet with House Republicans to provide testimony as a whistleblower.

Luft has maintained his innocence of any criminal activity, claiming that the DOJ is targeting him as a way to keep him quiet about alleged Biden family corruption. Following that line of thinking, with his arrest and charging, the federal government now has the ability to block any attempts by Congress to speak to Luft. Can that be written off as a coincidence? I’ll leave you to decide.


Certainly, people are going to be suspicious of the fact that another alleged witness to the illicit dealings of the Biden family is being cordoned off via legal gamesmanship. Luft was an advisor to CEFC, the Chinese energy company that Hunter Biden was deeply involved in. Why was he charged with FARA violations while Hunter Biden wasn’t? We know that the president’s son lobbied the American government on behalf of foreign entities while never registering as a foreign agent.

I’d suspect House Republicans, led by Rep. James Comer, aren’t going to stay quiet about this latest move. They’ve continued to be preempted over the last several months, and no doubt they have to be feeling like it’s part of an intentional cover-up at this point.


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