Fox News Embarrasses Itself While Slamming CNN's Apology for 'Misgendering' Dylan Mulvaney

The story of Dylan Mulvaney is one of destruction, both physically and culturally. What started as a cheap attempt to become famous has ended in the wholesale demolition of biological reality at the highest levels of society.


Mulvaney, a disturbed man who claims to be a woman, has been promoted to the point of interviewing the President of the United States. All the while, corporations shower him with money and brand ambassador deals while demanding their customers don’t react negatively. Obviously, that hasn’t worked out so well for Bud Light, which has seen his sales fall off a cliff since partnering with Mulvaney.

Regardless, the rush to bend the knee to transgender ideology, just as Drew Barrymore did in a comical celebration of Mulvaney’s one-year celebration of “girlhood,” continues apace. The latest example comes via CNN, which issued an apology on Wednesday for “misgendering” Mulvaney on air in a segment about Bud Light’s woes.

By that evening, Fox News had picked up on the story and did a segment about it on Jesse Watters’ show. That segment was obviously meant to point out the absurdity of what CNN did. In the end, though, it ended up just being an embarrassment for Fox News itself.


WATTERS: Finally, CNN issued an apology after calling Dylan Mulvaney a guy.

(CNN clip plays)

WATTERS: Dylan didn’t have the surgery right, so Dylan is still a…

BANDERAS: Did you see when they actually did air the report

WATTERS: I don’t watch CNN

BANDERAS: Well I didn’t either until you guys made me watch the clip because i had to prepare for this freaking segment.

WATTERS: Oh, you’re prepared (laughter)

BANDERAS: Well, a little bit, I watched the segment, and they do refer to Dylan as he and him. I was more taken aback about how awful the newscast was, and I do understand now why their ratings are in the toilet. Do not tune in, you’re not missing anything. But I don’t think this is something to apologize over. I mean, the person was thinking biologically, yes it’s a man. Would I refer to her as a man? It doesn’t matter, that’s not the point. They’re just going above and beyond to try to appeal to their woke audience and I think they should worry more about their ratings.


Let me start by addressing the question of whether Mulvaney has had the “surgery.” The answer is that it’s completely irrelevant. A person who mutilates their genitalia, setting themselves up for a lifetime of debilitating medical treatments, does not cease to be the gender that their biology dictates. I understand Watters wanted to get a shot in, but in doing so, he gave up one of the primary premises of transgender ideology, which is that medical interventions can allow people to “transition” into something they aren’t.

Regardless, it was Banderas’ commentary that was the most confusing. She claims to have been more taken aback by how “awful the newscast was” than CNN apologizing for acknowledging reality (albeit accidentally). That seems to be missing the point by a mile. The problem with CNN’s apology is not “how awful the newscast was.” It’s that they apologized for speaking an objective truth.

Fox News wants to have it both ways. The network wants to vacuum up clicks and views by doing stories on the absurdity of transgenderism while at the same time enforcing completely contradictory policies on the matter. Even as Banderas is attacking CNN for apologizing to Mulvaney, she calls him a “she,” claiming how you address the controversial influencer is not the point. On the contrary, that’s absolutely the point. In fact, it’s so much the point that it’s the only reason she and Watters even did the segment.


As I’ve said before, these outlets need to make up their minds. If they want to be pro-transgenderism, enforcing the use of “preferred pronouns,” then they should just be that. But to run stories like the one above while simultaneously participating in the promotion of transgenderism just comes across as exploitative. It’s hypocritical and insulting to those who tune in.

I want to be clear that I’m not suggesting every Fox News personality should be expected to quit their job over their employer’s contradictory declarations on transgenderism. People have to support their families, and being a cable news martyr doesn’t pay the bills. But I would suggest those personalities should refuse to participate in these types of stories until there’s some actual coherency allowed to take place on air.


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