James Comer Scoffs at Idea of a Special Counsel for Hunter Biden, Calls It 'Ridiculous'

James Comer scoffed at the idea of appointing a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden on Sunday, calling the idea “ridiculous.” That comes after a contentious week of news surrounding the president’s son.


As RedState reported, Hunter Biden received a sweetheart plea deal in which he only pled guilty to two low-level misdemeanors and received pre-trial diversion for a gun charge that DOJ protocol normally forbids leniency for. He is unlikely to serve any jail time unless the judge handling the case steps in and overrides the deal.

In response, many wondered how the DOJ could manage to not charge FARA violations or tax fraud, with the latter being evidenced by the fact that Hunter Biden claimed prostitutes on his tax returns. Others have suggested that a special counsel is the right move. Comer is a few moves ahead, though, and he disagrees (Fox News).

“The House Oversight Committee has found and shared with the public in five months what the Justice Department and FBI have kept secret for five years, so I think we’re moving right along,” Comer told Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview.

“I strongly oppose the appointment of a special counsel,” he said. “I think that’s the most ridiculous idea that any Republican could think right now because, if you support a special counsel, you support and trust Merrick Garland to have the sole authority to pick one person who can then take over the investigation and never have to be transparent with the media or Congress until the conclusion of the investigation, which might take years.”

“I trust the House Oversight Committee to be the one and only entity leading this investigation,” he continued. “And we’ve already proven we can find all of this stuff in five months that took the government five years to find.”


It’s sad that it’s come to this, but Comer is right. There is no way that anyone should trust AG Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel. Further, no possible appointment, regardless of their resume, would ever be able to garner the trust of the public while operating behind the shield of the DOJ. The nation’s top law enforcement agency has thoroughly trashed its credibility.

Is a congressional investigation ideal? In a perfect world, the answer would obviously be no, but what other option is there? At least Comer and his team will be transparent with everything they find. The same can’t be said for a special counsel, which would inevitably be used to stifle Congress and claim that nothing can be released because it’s part of an “ongoing investigation.”

That’s a game the DOJ and FBI have been playing for years. Instead of having to be accountable to the American people, leadership simply claims that everything is under investigation and thus can’t be discussed. In fact, I’d suspect that’s why US Attorney David Weiss put out a statement claiming the Hunter Biden investigation is technically still open. What better way to complete the cover-up than to ensure that nothing can see the light of day under the guise of government protocol?


At the end of the day, we are past the point of a special counsel being anything more than another delay tactic. The rot goes too deep, and the only thing Garland needs to be doing at this point is preparing for his impeachment.


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