WATCH: Violence in Glendale as Antifa Show up to School Board Meeting Again

Violence broke out again in Glendale, CA, after Antifa showed up to a school board meeting at which parents were protesting the school’s promotion of “pride month” and gender ideology.


(Previous Reporting: Massive Brawl Breaks out Outside Glendale, CA School Board Meeting as Armenian Parents Take on the Alphabet Mob)

Videos showed police on the scene in riot gear as well as temporary barriers being set up. Things escalated from there, with multiple fights breaking out and arrests being made.

Notice the description of concerned parents who don’t want their children sexualized in schools as “anti-LGBTQ.” It seems rather odd to me that reporters would so readily connect the grooming of children in such a direct way. Do they not realize they are suggesting the LGBTQ movement and the sexualization of children are one and the same?

That’s becoming a dividing line in the culture war going on. Those sympathetic to forcing “pride month” celebrations in schools and having school curriculum that promotes LGBT ideology think they can win by labeling the other side as simple bigots. Parents are done playing that game, though, and they aren’t going to be intimidated.


I don’t know who this reporter is so I’m not going to comment on his broader base of work, but if he thinks this is just “all for a school board meeting,” he’s missing the gravity of the situation for parents. This isn’t just about a school board meeting for those protesting. It’s about protecting their children from what they rightfully see as harmful indoctrination that directly clashes with their values. There is nothing more important to them.

Eventually, violence started as far-left counter-protesters moved in.

From there, police moved in and made arrests as repeated skirmishes took place. Later in the evening, the barricades were removed as the crowds began to disperse.

Prior to the events at the school board meeting, a group called GUSD Parents Voices published evidence that Antifa had organized and planned to disrupt the protest.


Ask yourself why a group called “Queer Nation LA” is showing up to a school board meeting to fight with parents. We are assured this isn’t about grooming and indoctrinating children into hyper-sexualized dogma, yet you’ve got groups that literally call themselves “Queer Nation” coming to oppose parents who just want their kids to learn how to do math and read, among other fundamentals of normal education.

These people are telling on themselves without even realizing it. How many of the counter-protesters even have children in GUSD schools? Meanwhile, the parents protesting aren’t the typical caricatures the far-left like to demonize. Many are Armenian immigrants who do not support what’s being done to their children, though I’ll stress that parents of all nationalities and races are justified in protecting their kids.

I expect these clashes to keep escalating as long as Antifa and others refuse to allow parents to just be parents. I don’t say that because I wish violence to occur. I say it because it’s inevitable if these far-left groups aren’t deterred and ultimately stopped from committing it.



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