Biden Bribery Scandal Expands, Comer to Be Briefed on Two Additional FD-1023 Forms

Another huge revelation surrounding the Biden bribery scandal was revealed on Laura Ingrahm’s Fox News show on Thursday evening. According to Marjorie Taylor Greene, the original FD-1023 form that provided evidence of the scheme via a highly-credible confidential source references two more FD-1023 forms.


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Rep. James Comer, who is leading the investigation into the matter, will be briefed on those two additional forms “next week.” Greene also says in the segment that more subpoenas are going out in relation to the bank accounts possibly used to move money to the Biden family.

GREENE: Now, we also know that there isn’t just one 1023 form, there’s multiple 1023 forms.


GREENE: Yeah, there’s more.

INGRAHAM: When are we going to get our hands on those, or you gonna get your hands on those?

GREENE: On this 1023 form, it references two more 1023 forms. And so, our oversight committee was able to read the first one today. But next week, Chairman Comer and, of course, Congressman Raskin get to go in and look at two more 1023 forms, and tomorrow, subpoenas go out for more banks related to Ukraine bank accounts and wire transfers. So we are moving along, and I want to tell you something really interesting.

The person referenced, their name is redacted on the 1023 form that we read today, says that it would take us 10 years, 10 years to uncover all the bank accounts and all the wire transfers involving the Bidens. Well, on oversight, we’ve done it in less than six months, and we really think we are on to a lot more.


What do these newly revealed FD-1023 forms show? We don’t know for sure, but we know by the very nature of what those forms are for that they will include more testimony submitted to the FBI from confidential human sources. Presumably, those wouldn’t exist if they didn’t contain relevant information about the alleged Biden bribery scheme.

The subpoenas of bank account records and wire transfer records could also prove a boon for the House’s investigation. The next step to blowing this thing more wide open would be showing a payment being filtered directly to Joe Biden or an immediate family member who could have given him access to the money.

For his part, the president ranted yesterday in response, asking “Where’s the money.” That’s exactly what House Republicans intend to find out, and if the White House moves to start blocking subpoenas of Biden’s bank records, that would be a pretty big red flag.

Comer has managed to get to this point in an impressive amount of time. The clock is ticking, and the current GOP majority likely doesn’t have 10 years to unravel all this (nor will Biden likely live that long). If they keep moving at this pace, they won’t need that long, though.




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