Biden Melts Down During Presser When Asked About Bribery Allegation, Gives Unbelievable Answer

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As we reported earlier, Joe Biden held a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of the United Kingdom on Thursday. He needed note cards to just do his greetings with Sunak, and he got confused about what the prime minister’s position was. That raised fresh concerns about his mental ability to do the job.


Then the White House decided to throw caution to the wind and had him answer a few questions. Of course, he had a pre-approved list as he usually does, so he may also have the questions and answers in front of him as well.

But even that didn’t stop Joe from being Joe (that is, putting his foot in his mouth).

Biden completely blanked out on part of what the question was that a reporter just asked him.

This, even though he appeared to have cards and at various points during the press conference, looked to be reading off them/referencing them.

He also seemed to have no idea how many people there are in Africa.


The staff was trying to get the reporters out of the room, but they were able to get in a couple more questions before he left the room. That’s where it truly went off the rails.

That’s when Biden started getting disturbed and testy when he was questioned about corruption—specifically what Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) said about evidence that he sold out the country. A reporter asked, “Bribery allegations. Congresswoman Nancy Mace says there’s damning evidence in an FBI file that you sold out the country. Do you have a response?” Biden’s response was unbelievable.

Biden smirked, and said, “Where’s the money?” He then called it “a bunch of malarkey.” His smirk shows he thinks he’s untouchable, that he won’t be held accountable for anything.

As my colleague Susie Moore said, it reminded her of the old “Where’s the beef?” commercial.


Except here, there’s a lot of beef, and the Republicans have the goods on the money that has come in from foreign nationals to the Biden family, as RNC Research immediately noted.

Biden himself has lied in the past, saying his son Hunter never got any money from China—when in fact he did, as the House Oversight Committee’s bank records proved.

Biden denied that, and he’s continued to claim that he has never talked to his son about his business. That’s another demonstrable lie.

Biden claimed that he never suggested to the Justice Department what to do or not to do about charges, “I never once, not one single time” suggested anything, Biden claimed.


“I’m honest!” Biden declared, pounding the podium as an exclamation point to his contention.

Talk about reminders — this makes me think of Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky statement, and how he said he never told anyone to lie, “not a single time; never.” Methinks these guys protest too much. Not only isn’t Joe Biden honest, but he’s also one of the most pathological liars I think we’ve ever had in the office. Comer and the rest of the Oversight Committee need to hold him to account if we are ever going to hope to get back to upholding the rule of law.


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