Politico Takes Lying for Biden to Another Level in Rewrite of History on the Debt Ceiling Battle

Mainstream media bias has long been pervasive, and anytime you take in information from the press corps, you should expect to be misled in one direction. Yet, there are some examples that are so egregious, that it’s hard to believe they made it to print.


Enter Politico, fresh off its ridiculous Roger Stone-citing hit piece on Casey DeSantis, with the hottest take on the debt ceiling battle so far. According to the left-wing news outlet, you shouldn’t only discount what Republicans are saying on the matter, you should also discount what the White House is saying in order to rewrite history to protect Joe Biden.

(See: Joe Biden Drives the Country Towards the Fiscal Cliff as Negotiations Abruptly Shut Down)

In one of the most astonishing three sentences I’ve ever read from a journalist, Johnathan Lemire claims that it has been Biden prioritizing deal-making and that it’s the GOP that is “obstinate.”

President Joe Biden has prioritized deal-making through much of the debt ceiling talks, laboring to work across the aisle even at the risk of alienating the liberal wing of his own party.

But with talk taking a turn for the worse this weekend, he and his team are now being forced to tinker with their approach, dialing up criticism in hopes that the specter of default and public blame for it will move GOP negotiators.

On Sunday, Biden called on Republicans “to move from their extreme positions because much of what they’ve proposed is simply, quite frankly, unacceptable.”


Does Politico think the internet doesn’t exist? That we can’t go back and easily pull up clips and statements showing the White House flatly dismissing any and all negotiation? In fact, throughout this entire process, Biden has not prioritized making a deal one time. Heck, just returning from Japan now as the clock ticks down. To the extent that there’s been any negotiation, that has only occurred in the latter half of May after the White House did an about-face on the issue.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre repeating a line in mid-May that the administration had been running with for months prior. And rest assured, there are literally dozens of other examples like this.

Lemire’s write-up manages to get even more shameless, though. At another point, he tries to give credit to Biden as a deal-maker for getting the Inflation Reduction Act passed.

Biden and his team had been buoyed by their belief that a consensus building approach — though perpetually doubted — worked for them before, including with the passage of an infrastructure package and the far-reaching legislation that became the Inflation Reduction Act. But the debt ceiling standoff has so far proved stubbornly different, with Republicans showing a surprisingly united front and the president risking taking the brunt of the blame if the nation defaults for the first time in its history.


Hold on a second. Last I checked, the Inflation Reduction Act passed with just 50 votes, and all of them were Democrats. Politico wants you to believe that Biden supporting a partisan bill that didn’t garner a single Republican vote because it was such a boondoggle is an example of “consensus building.” It’s just astonishing.

What’s funny is that Biden predicted this on Sunday, asserting while in Japan that the press would insist he’s not to blame for any possible default despite his stubbornness in negotiations. Sure enough, here’s Politico managing to give The Daily Beast a run for its money regarding sheer dishonesty. That’s a real feat and not one they should be proud of.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article indicated that President Biden was still in Japan. We apologize to our readers for this error. 


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