IG Report Reveals Criminal Corruption by US Attorney in Massachusetts, Garland Declines to Prosecute

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

As RedState reported, Massachusetts US Attorney Rachael Rollins stated her intent to resign on Tuesday in the midst of a DOJ probe into her misconduct while in office. Rollins had served in her role since January 2022, but she had faced increasing pressure to step aside as details of her malfeasance became public.


Of note is that Rollins was only in her position because Vice President Kamala Harris broke a tie twice to ensure she was appointed. Further, one of the instances of corruption involving the US attorney came via a trip taken with Jill Biden while attending a DNC fundraiser. In other words, Rollins seemed to be pretty close to the power brokers in the Biden administration. She was also widely praised by Democrats in the US Senate.

But while the ethical violations were already clear, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has released his report on the matter, and things are even worse than first thought. According to Horowitz, not only did Rollins act corruptly and abuse her power, but she also broke the law in the process.


As usual, the cover-up is worse than the crime, and Rollins lied under oath to the Office of the Inspector General when questioned on the situation. She repeatedly denied being the federal law enforcement official that had leaked sensitive information to the Boston Herald. Horowitz further found that she “lacked candor” when questioned about her conversations with a reporter from the Herald. Rollins also apparently ran up against DOJ regulations (and possibly laws) involving the soliciting of illegal gifts as a government official.

Incredibly, despite so much criminal corruption being laid out so plainly by Horowitz, AG Merrick Garland and the rest of the powers that be at the DOJ decided not to press charges against Rollins.

There is no argument that Rollins’ lies were not material to any ongoing investigation, which is usually the out DOJ officials use to not prosecute their own. The lies she told were in response to the investigation into her conduct. Worse, she didn’t just lie to a random FBI agent questioning her. She lied to the inspector general himself. If that’s not worthy of persecution, then what is?


This is why absolutely no one trusts American institutions anymore. There is no rule of law because there are two tiers of justice. If you belong to the Democratic Party and hobnob with Jill Biden, you don’t get prosecuted for lying to the OIG and receiving improper gifts. On the other hand, if you defend your son from being accosted by a pro-abortion zealot, you end up in court with the possibility of a decade in prison on the table.

Rollins should have been held accountable. There is no excuse to decline to press charges given the extent of her criminal activity and how cut-and-dry it was. This marks yet another politically motivated decision from the DOJ. Throw in on the pile with the rest.


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