Biden Giggles Like a Schoolgirl While Reporters Try to Ask Him About Migrant Child Death

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

As RedState reported, an unaccompanied migrant child died in US custody on Friday, underscoring the devastating humanitarian toll of the Biden administration’s open border policies.


The child had been transferred to a shelter in Safety Harbor, FL, and the circumstances surrounding the death have not been revealed. Because the child was from Honduras, givend the brutal nature of the trip to the US Southern border, it’s likely that some kind of pre-existing injury or illness acquired on the journey north was the cause.

What does Joe Biden have to say about the development? The answer appears to be nothing as he instead chose to giggle like a schoolgirl while reporters tried to ask him about the incident. Instead of answering questions, the president had the press herded out of the room like cats.

Did Biden hear the question? He’s 80 years old, so it’s a very real possibility he didn’t. Still, I’m not sure he’s quite senile enough to not know what the major story is right now given the absolute anarchy currently occurring at the border. He knew reporters would want to ask him about the situation, and he and his handlers made sure they couldn’t.


But whether he heard the question or not, the fact that he thought that was a good time to start laughing and smirking, while the country is facing an unprecedented crisis, says everything. This is not a man who has any empathy toward the American citizens or illegal immigrants who are dying or being harmed due to his braindead policies. He simply doesn’t care. Worse, he doesn’t care that you know he doesn’t care.

And that’s what makes Biden such an insidious character. For all the “decent” labels the press likes to place on him, the president has shown himself to be a deeply arrogant and unempathetic man who has no concern for anyone but himself.

We saw that on display in early March when Biden started laughing while discussing a woman’s son who died of a fentanyl overdose. Less than a month later, he decided to do a stand-up comedy routine about ice cream at a press conference where he was to address the killing of six Christians in Nashville by a radical trans-identifying individual. The coup de grace to his credibility, though, may have been the obscene press conference he gave after 13 servicemembers were blown up by a suicide bomber during the administration’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.


For all the debates over normalcy and measured disposition that happened during the 2020 presidential campaign, does Biden’s behavior exemplify either of those things? Because all I see is a grotesquely selfish human being.

Let me be clear about my view on this. Biden is responsible for that child’s death. He is responsible for the hundreds of others who have died trying to cross the border in the last year. Further, he’s responsible for the many thousands more who perished before even making it that far. He could fix the situation with the stroke of a pen and a phone call by using the military and shutting down the border. We’ve already seen what a few thousand national guardsmen in Texas can accomplish. Imagine what the federal government could do if it actually mobilized its resources.

That’s not going to happen, though, because the current president exhibits all the tendencies of a classic sociopath.


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