WATCH: Nikki Fried and Other Leftists Arrested in the Based State of Florida

Nikki Fried and other far-left activists were arrested on Monday evening after continuing to illegally protest after dark. These apparently weren’t just detainments, but actual bookings. The specific charges have not been made public.


For those not familiar with Florida politics, Fried is the former Agriculture Commissioner turned gubernatorial candidate who got dog-walked by Charlie Crist during the 2022 primary. Ron DeSantis would go on to blow Crist out in the general election by 19 points, earning his second term as governor.

Fried has long been known for her online presence, which she uses to project an illusion of support that far outweighs reality. She spends most of her time sniping at DeSantis and pretending that Florida isn’t a solidly red state now.

Here’s how the arrests went down.

As based as it would be for DeSantis to have ordered this, his involvement was likely on the margins. In the end, the Tallahassee PD, which serves a Democrat mayor, made the arrests under the legal pretense of the park being closed after dark. Demonstrators were warned that they would be taken into custody if they remained. Most left the area while a few remained, including Fried and Lauren Book, a state senator.


The fact that local authorities handled this didn’t stop the far-left from claiming this was another example of DeSantis’ fascism, though. I say wear it with pride at this point. Let them scream.

Besides, Fried has assured us that “no Floridian is above the law.” Apparently, that includes her now.

As to what the protest was for, Florida just passed a new bill essentially making abortions illegal after six weeks. Nothing gets leftists more enraged than not killing babies, and Fried is as radical on that issue as she is on just about every other issue.

For her part, Fried is now bragging about being released from jail, sharing this picture.

Conservatives immediately turned that into a hilarious meme template because the internet remains undefeated, but I digress.

There’s a bit of irony here in the complaints coming from the far left over Fried’s arrest. These are the same people who vehemently supported throwing grandmas into solitary confinement for trespassing on January 6th. But when it comes to Democrats trespassing in a different place, ignoring the orders of police to vacate the public property in question, suddenly, they insist that the law shouldn’t be enforced and that the First Amendment should be respected at all costs.


But it should be enforced in this case because it’s long past time to fight fire with fire. If Democrats want to weaponize the legal system as they’ve been doing for years now, then they should be prepared to face the inevitable result of that. Florida isn’t New York or California. It’s not a free-for-all state for Antifa and other left-wing agitators to willfully break the law without consequence. The way this all stops is to reinstitute some form of mutually assured destruction.


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