Slobbering CBS News Interview With John Fetterman Ends With a Head-Scratching Suggestion

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John Fetterman finally left the hospital on Friday after a lengthy stay at Walter Reed for severe depression. That was just the latest in a string of worsening health issues for the newly-elected Pennsylvania senator, who suffered a massive, debilitating stroke during his 2022 campaign.


Since then, Fetterman’s condition has only worsened, with him now requiring a closed captioning monitor to even attempt a basic conversation. Even then, his problems are not just auditory, as the stroke has clearly affected his ability to not only understand what he’s hearing but also what he’s saying.

None of that matters to the mainstream press, though. Instead of being transparent with the American people, they have run a relentless cover-up operation, shaming anyone who would dare ask serious questions about Fetterman’s fitness for office. CBS News offered the latest example with a slobbering interview following his release from Walter Reed.

Here’s how things opened up.

I’m assured that Jane Pauley used to be a serious journalist, but this is nothing but an embarrassing fluff piece. Throughout the interview, she did nothing to press Fetterman on his inability to perform the duties of his office. In place of any probing questions that might actually provide needed answers, she substituted overwrought praise. Pauley fawned over Fetterman’s Harvard background while calling him an “unlikely darling of the fashion world.”


Then Pauley made a head-scratching suggestion. Namely, she insinuated that Fetterman could run for president one day.

Ironically, Fetterman seems to be more realistic than the ridiculous person interviewing him. He dismisses the question and says his ambition is to just take his son to dinner as they had planned. That’s actually a good answer, and it’s one of the reasons he was able to beat Mehmet Oz in 2022 while barely being functional. Fetterman, for all of his radicalism and political faults, manages to present himself as an everyman to the public. Yeah, it’s a largely false persona given he actually comes from a wealthy background, but it works for him nonetheless.

I have to give Fetterman credit in that he’s managed to play this situation well. I don’t like it given his politics, but I can’t deny reality. Of course, Fetterman’s maneuvering has been greatly helped by laughable journalists like Pauley who treat him with kid gloves, tossing softballs and completely ignoring his health issues.


Even during this interview, it’s obvious that Fetterman is reading the questions being presented to him (and possibly the answers he’s giving) off a monitor just off-screen. He rarely looks at Pauley, as his eyes remained locked on whatever he’s trying to read. It may not be fair, but you simply can’t have a President of the United States who can’t have a basic personal exchange with someone. You certainly can’t have a president who needs a closed captioning monitor everywhere he goes to process everything going on around him. For Pauley to even bring up the suggestion that he could be president is laughable.

It remains good to be a Democrat. If Fetterman were a Republican, he would have been hounded out of office by now. Heck, he never would have been elected in the first place given how much time the media would have spent painting him as unfit.



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