Katie Hobbs' Press Secretary Gets Into Hot Water Over Insane 'Transphobe' Tweet After Nashville Shooting

Sometimes, it’s best to just put the internet down if you are too charged up to make rational decisions, and Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs’ press secretary didn’t do that on Tuesday.


Following the deadly mass shooting at a Nashville Christian school on Monday, it became known that the shooter was a “transgender man” (i.e. a woman) who left a manifesto. Law enforcement, though they’ve played coy on the details of the manifesto (as they always do with left-wing shooters), has admitted that she was motivated by her trans identity.

Amidst that horrific outburst of violence by a transgender individual who was almost certainly radicalized by far-left claims of “genocide,” Josslyn Berry wasn’t actually concerned about the victims at all. Instead, she kept her eye on the ball, worrying about the mythical threat of “transphobes.” It’s how she expressed that worry that has put her in hot water, though.

Berry has since protected her tweets after her insane post went viral, but Sen. Ted Cruz was helpful enough to enshrine it for us via a screenshot.


Apparently, Berry thought this was the perfect time to threaten “transphobes” with physical violence by posting a woman holding two guns and a caption saying, “Us when we see transphobes.” She made that post after a deranged transgender militant committed a domestic terrorist attack killing Christians who are labeled “transphobes” by the left. I’m not sure how someone could be that tone-deaf, but she managed it.

There’s so much wrong here that it’s hard to know where to begin. Obviously, there’s the fact mentioned above that she’s threatening violence against “transphobes” the day after a transgender person shot up a Christian school. Anyone that would do that is showing a callousness that should call into question their job security.

But this speaks to something deeper in the far-left psyche, which is that they simply don’t value the lives of those who disagree with them politically. Think about how deluded and morally bankrupt it is to be more concerned about someone making “transphobic” comments online (which mostly just means speaking the truth) than the victims of a shooting carried out by a radicalized transgender person who was targeting those the left labels as transphobes.


These people live in their own alternate reality where there’s supposedly a “genocide” going on against transgender people because Florida and Tennessee don’t allow children to attend sexually-explicit drag shows. It’s absurd, but to express that type of viewpoint when there are actually people being murdered for traditional Christian beliefs is grotesque. It shows a lack of regard for life that is hard to fathom.

Berry should be fired, full stop. For the press secretary of a major political figure to make such a post is disqualifying, and Arizonans should demand Hobbs take action. Will the governor? Given she’s married to a strategy of not doing interviews, not debating, and simply ignoring every problem that comes her way, I seriously doubt it. As of now, there hasn’t even been an apology.


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