Press Make Absolutely Horrific Move in Dealing With the Psychotic Transgender Shooter

As RedState reported, a militant transgender shooter with a manifesto murdered multiple people at a Christian school in Nashville on Monday. The tragedy that rocked the community was revealed to be politically motivated in short order with prior calls for a “Trans Day of Vengeance” permeating the situation. That Tennessee had recently passed a law banning child mutilation under the guise of “gender-affirming care,” something the left described as a genocide, clearly played a role in the shooter’s psyche.


But as the aftermath of the tragedy played out, the national press latched onto what was really important: Ensuring that the “right” pronouns are used to describe the murderous psychopath.

Truly, this is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen the news media do, and I have to make sure and temper myself as I finish this article so as to not lose my mind in anger in the process.

To recap, we have a deranged transgender lunatic that was pretty obviously radicalized by far-left talk of “genocide” being committed by those on the right, and The New York Times, MSNBC, and other outlets are laser-focused on making sure we don’t “misgender” the shooter. It’s hard to not want to put my head through a wall right now.

Let me be clear for the press hacks who don’t seem to understand basic reality. This shooter is a woman. The fact that this woman was mentally ill and believed she was a man does not mean we all need to bend over backward to respect her delusions. Six innocent people, including three children, are dead, and we are talking about “misgendering” and pronouns. That’s one of the most despicable things I’ve ever seen in the political sphere, of which this shooting is firmly ensconced given its motivation.


I just don’t believe most Americans are looking at this and not rolling their eyes at best or seething in anger at worst. The Democratic Party and its press allies have created an environment where mentally ill people are “affirmed” instead of being given the help they need and then they want us to play by their rules when one of those mentally ill people lashes out and commits an atrocity.

To that I say, go jump in a lake. Maybe pumping a psychopathic woman full of testosterone to “affirm” her gender wasn’t the best way to handle the situation? But we can’t talk about that because that would be “transphobic.” We are going to talk about it, though, because we aren’t afraid. We don’t care what you call us. We don’t have to play by your deluded, anti-scientific rules (no matter how much the politicized scientific establishment changes them).

Enough is enough. This is now the second high-profile mass shooting committed by a transgender person in the last few months despite self-described transgender individuals making up a tiny fraction of the population. The connection can’t be ignored anymore, and the news media are hideous ghouls for playing along with this insanity while the bodies are still warm.




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