Dick Durbin's Programming Glitches During COVID-19 Announcement

Sen. Dick Durbin has COVID-19. How do I know? Because he announced it to the world on Sunday, proclaiming his thankfulness for the vaccines and boosters he has partaken in, to which he ascribes his “mild symptoms.”


It was your standard left-wing political pronouncement about being infected, one we’ve seen countless times over the last several years. But in this case, we hadn’t just seen something like this before. We had seen this exact thing before.

Apparently, Durbin’s AI programming glitched out.

Apparently, those booster regimes work so well that Durbin got COVID twice in a little over half a year. And while the two posts are nearly identical, he does make a few changes.

For example, in the new one, he’s just “boosted” instead of “double boosted,” likely because he’s been shot up with multiple more doses in the elapsing time between the two posts. He also said he’ll quarantine in the original one, but the new one cuts that part out. I guess the virus stopped being contagious or something.

Does it strike no one else as odd that these quintuple-boosted people continue to get COVID-19 over and over? I’ve gotten the virus exactly once, way back in December of 2020. I’ve gotten sick a few times since then but haven’t tested positive again.


Why, it’s almost like natural immunity, which essentially every American garnered during the omicron wave, is durable and effective, making the continued touting of the shots pointless. Oh wait, that’s exactly what the science shows (see Landmark Study Vindicates Everyone Who Touted Natural Immunity to COVID-19).

But I digress, you have to love the “I’m only experiencing mild symptoms” brag these posts always contain. Apparently, no one else in history has ever had a mild case of COVID-19 except those who look like an acupuncture patient from all the jabs they’ve received. Who knew? I guess that mild case of COVID-19 I had before the vaccines were even readily available was a figment of my imagination.

That’s not to say that the original vaccine didn’t lower death rates among certain groups (namely the obese and elderly). I’m of the mind that it served a purpose in that time period, but we are well into 2023 now. Natural immunity is a thing that is proven to be effective, and continuing to insinuate that one must be jabbed and boosted to experience a mild case of COVID-19 is ridiculously dishonest. It’s also an assumption that can’t actually be proven. No one, including Durbin, actually knows if he would have had a mild case regardless.


What I do know is that if you are at the point of copying and pasting your COVID-19 infection announcements because you keep getting the virus despite getting every shot available, maybe just don’t. It only makes you look silly and unserious. It’s not convincing anyone to go get the vaccine. If anything, it’s having the opposite effect. Better to keep it to yourself, battle out your mild cold, and act like you’ve been there before because, well, you have.


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